How Well Do You Know Celebrities?

September 27, 2007

I came across this game in my daily bloghopping and I’m totally addicted to it!

It’s really easy to play. All you need to do is look at the photos of two celebrities and click on the one you think is more famous. You accumulate points if you keep getting them correct in a row. I think I’ve only gotten up to 17.

Try it and let me know how well you do.

Celebrity Face-Off

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Aloha from Vader's Mom, Pamela, Lulu, Chesca (exskindiver), Vail, TopChamp, Christine, Jill, Renee, Dana, and Adventures In Babywearing

12 Comments on “How Well Do You Know Celebrities?”


Adventures In Babywearing said:

How fun is that? I got up to 30. That can be addicting!



Dana said:

I didn’t do as well..I got like 14. Fun though….


Renee said:

well I could tell right off that it was very much who the author of the page thought was more popular…not really who I thought was more popular. And I did really well on the ones where I only knew one celeb. But if you put Bobby Flay against Emeril…I’m gonna pick who I like better. Emeril is “old hat”. I tried 3 times. I think my best score was a 12 :(

Oh well, I don’t keep up with this stuff anyway, so I guess that’s really good.


Jill said:

So addicting! And yet so random…. I wonder how they determine who’s more famous?


Christine said:

Marissa and I did this one time. I’m going to have to do this with her after she gets home from school. She always has fun with celebrities. Well, showing off how much more she knows about celebrites then her mama. :)


TopChamp said:

I’m RUBBISH at that game!!

Fun trying but I definitely need more practise.


Vail said:

I only got 14! Ellen Pompano (? Grey from Grey’s Anatomy) against Elizabeth Hurley. Come on! Ellen for sure. But not!


chesca (exskindiver) said:

i thought i was good until i saw the other scores…meanwhile i died after 6. SIX!!!!
very sad indeed.


lulu said:

First time I got to only 5! Second time I got 19. It’s kind of tough…


Pamela said:

I hate to say I couldn’t figure out how to play it


Pamela said:

okay.. I finally clicked on their face instead of their name and it worked. I’m a ninny

October 6, 2007
1:33 am

Vader's Mom said:

That could be very bad. I could sit here from hours and play.

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