$50 to The Home Depot (Giveaway)

February 7, 2009 by  
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This giveaway is now closed. Thank you for your participation.
The winner is comment #256: Marcia Goss.

Girlie Girl has been learning a lot about Martin Luther King, Jr. at school recently. In fact, she knows more about him than I do. She can tell you his birthday, his favorite sport to play, how he liked to ride his bike and sing songs in church.

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., from now through Feb. 28, The Home Depot is offering a commemorative “Dream” gift card celebrating his legacy in their Build the Dream campaign. When consumers purchase the collector’s edition “Dream” gift card, The Home Depot will donate five percent of all sales to the Center for Civil and Human Rights, up to $1 million dollars. The donation will assist in the building of a permanent exhibition home for his personal writings and papers.

The collection of original documents by Dr. King includes more than 10,000 items, among them 7,000 handwritten notes spanning from 1946 to 1968. They include drafts of his “I Have a Dream” speech, his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” other theological writings and his Nobel Peace Prize addresses. The King Papers will be part of the exhibition offering of The Center for Civil and Human Rights. The Dream cards can be purchased at any store, or online at homedepot.com/dream.


Thanks to The Home Depot I have a $50 Dream Gift Card to give away to one very lucky winner. To enter:

  • Just stop by The Home Depot before midnight, Feb 16th and check out their products.
  • The come back and mention what you’d buy if you won. That’s it!
  • A random winner will be selected and notified via email on Feb 17th.
  • The winner will then have 3 days to claim their prize.

To earn extra entries, you may do one or all of the following. Each one counts as an extra ticket but you must leave a separate comment for each one.

This giveaway is open to US addresses. Good luck!

About the Author: Kailani:
Owner of An Island Life. A flight attendant and mother to 3 beautiful girls. . . living a blessed life in Hawaii.
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916 Responses to “$50 to The Home Depot (Giveaway)”
  1. 301
    MIKE G says:


  2. 302
    Pat says:

    Pretty soon it’ll be time to garden so I’d buy seedlings, seeds,
    potting mix and fertilizer.

    Thank you for the contest.

  3. 303
    Sarah says:

    I’d get four of the Malibu 3-Tier 7 Watt Black Metal Lights ($12.97 ea.) to replace some of our plastic ones.

  4. 304
    Lisa says:

    I’d put it towards a new bathtub- ours is so shallow that it’s not relaxing for an adult.

  5. 305
    Tracey Byram says:

    I could really use some paint for my house.

  6. 306
    Lisa says:

    I already subscribe.

  7. 307
    Laura Owens says:

    I would get some 2x4s to fix my kitchen cabinets. I can’t afford to replace them right now, but I think I could cobble them together for a while!

  8. 308
    Debra B says:

    I would wait til spring and visit the garden dept, I can use some plants and lots of yard tools ,thanks for hosting this fantastic giveaway

  9. 309
    Brian N. says:

    Energy efficent light bulbs and other energy saving items!

  10. 310
    Leona P says:

    i would get some paint for my living room

  11. 311
    michelle says:

    I would use this to buy paint for the kid’s room. Thanks.

  12. 312
    Debbie Lott says:

    I would enjoy updating my light fixture in our bathroom!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

  13. 313
    Lisa L says:

    A couple rugs for my cold floors or a lampshade or two.

  14. 314
    Lisa L says:

    Rss feed subscriber thru my yahoo acct.

  15. 315
    Denyse says:

    This is easy. We desperately need to paint. I ‘d buy paint w/ it!

  16. 316
    Sheila says:

    I need to buy some new plants for the front yard!

  17. 317
    C. clemens says:

    i have had the same paint in the house over 4 years, i would like to redo some rooms, living rooms and dining room, kitchen. so i would buy paint!

  18. 318
    adrienne Gordon says:

    we need paint for my daughters’ room.

  19. 319
    Jo Shaneybrook says:

    I would put it towards a new gas grill because ours is so old and rusted out.

  20. 320
    Cory G. says:

    I would definitely buy a roof rake….up in new england we have some pretty bad ice and that would help the house out a lot!

  21. 321
    Thomas Duda says:

    I could use a cordless drill/driver.

  22. 322
    Sandra Brodeur says:

    I would buy plants, plants and plants since spring is on its way!!

  23. 323
  24. 324
    Ann Stevens says:

    I could probably use some more Behr paint!

  25. 325
    linda allain says:

    I would buy some paint and brushes and paint my computer room…Thank you

  26. 326
    susan kooken says:

    buy ceiling fan

  27. 327
    susan varney says:

    brushes and paint

  28. 328
    scarlette says:

    Flowers for spring!

  29. 329
    Melinda says:

    I’d buy fencing material. A recent ice storm took out most of our fence.

  30. 330

    I would go find the electronics. I just don’t know what I would decide on! I alway need folders Or ink for my printer or a case of printer paper.

  31. 331
    Terri says:

    I would buy at Home Depot some wood to fix our porch which needs some help.

  32. 332
    Craig Sweeney says:

    I would be putting this to good use if I won. I would put it towards a ryobi miter saw and would put it to good use.

  33. 333
    Craig Sweeney says:

    I subscribed to your feed.

  34. 334
    Craig Sweeney says:

    Here is my blog about the contest: http://medstuanesthesia.blogspot.com/

  35. 335
    Maria says:

    What wouldn’t I want to buy??? I love Home Depot. Today, I’d invest in paint for the little person’s new bedroom (pink & white stripes, a la Eloise). Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. 336
    Laura M says:

    I would love either bulbs or a Fiskars bypass trimmer for my outdoor work this spring.

  37. 337
    pammyb says:


  38. 338
    Emily says:

    We have carpet in our bathroom – uh, ick – and we are dying to get some tile to replace it.

  39. 339
    Yvonne says:

    Hubby and I want to make our own headboard. We could use some trim and paint.

  40. 340
    keith james says:

    after the devastation the ice storm has wrought here in ky, any is a lot

  41. 341
    JC says:

    We need a ton of things for the house–but a compost bin is at the top of the list.

  42. 342
    Susan says:

    Either paint or toward a light fixture for my dining room. Thanks!

  43. 343
    karen L says:

    I would buy a TON of new, energy efficient lightbulbs. I seem to be replacing the lightbulbs over my bathroom mirror every week…and there are 4 of them! Yes, pretty boring, but without light, where would I be?

    kladd94803 (at) aol. com

  44. 344
    karen L says:

    I subscribed to your feed via AOL!

  45. 345
    AmandaK says:

    I would love to have the Mohawk Home Timmins Golden Rod 2 Ft. 1 In. x 3 Ft. 6 In. Accent Rug for my bedroom. It would look great in there!


  46. 346
    Kristen G. says:

    There’s just too many things to choose from on the website and we live across the street from Home Depot so we are there all the time. But I think I would buy some pretty flowers and plants for my front yard for this Spring and Summer.

  47. 347
    Nadine L says:

    I need a new door lock and dead bolt set. My front door hasn’t locked in months.

  48. 348
    Jacob LaFountaine says:

    Start fixing the bedroom windows

  49. 349
    Jennifer says:

    If I won, I would use the gift cards to buy a couple of window blinds. Our living room really needs some new ones.

  50. 350
    Virginia L says:

    I would use the card to buy perennials for my garden.


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