Friday’s Feast #130

February 9, 2007



Have you been sick yet this winter? If so, what did you come down with?

  • I had the flu a couple of weeks ago. I’m much better now but I still can’t get rid of the cough. It’s so hard to serve passengers their meals when I’m coughing up a lung!


What colors dominate your closet?

  • Of course, pink . . . and black.


How would you describe your personal “comfort zone”?

  • My immediate family and a small group of friends that I’ve known for years.

Main Course

On which reality show would you really like to be a contestant?

  • If I were single, I’d like to be on The Bachelorette. That way I’d get to choose who I end up with.


Which holiday would you consider to be your favorite?

  • Definitely, Christmas. It’s so great to see it through the eyes of my girls.

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Christina said:

Sorry to hear that you’re still stuck with a cough! That’s such a bummer. Christmas is also my favorite holiday. I can’t wait to see it through the eyes of my baby boy in the coming years!

Happy Friday!!

It’s so magical! You’ll love it!


amy said:

What a nice feast! I love how you worded your dessert! Thats one of things I look forward to after the adoption is done with..

You’ll see . . . Christmas will take on a whole new meaning.


Lisa Renee said:

Wow, my anti-spam word was aloha, that’s pretty cool. Very nicely done dessert and my wishes for a cough free weekend.



Melli said:

Ummmmmmmm yea! Don’t they tell you to take OFF work if you have a cold!??? I don’t want you serving ME food! *crosses fingers in front of face* BACK! BACK!!! I’ve stayed healthy this year! Christmas is GREAT when the kids are small!

That’s what they SAY but they sure give you a hard time when you actually do. LOL!


Gattina said:

I am lucky so far no cold !


Ma said:

Onolicious! Your soup and dessert are my favorites. I love pink too. And so does Kamalani, from when she was 2, she would pick her own clothes.

Come and kaukau at my place.

I’ll be over for some ono grinds!


katherine. said:

great feast…but the comment about fearing there is no PMS and this is really your personality made me laugh right out loud.


Desert Songbird said:

Coughs are so difficult to shake - I usually spend November through early January hacking up a lung. Ugh.

Feel better soon!


yoshi said:

I’ll keep in mind to not eat all the meals unless they’re hermetically sealed in some kind of container. Hmm. of course, this could very well be my OCD kicking in again. :P

No seriously though I hope you feel better soon.

I wouldn’t eat the food either. You never know what those flight attendants are doing to it when you’re not looking! I’m just kidding . . . it’s pretty safe! LOL!


Raggedy said:

I hope your cough clears up soon.
Great Friday Feast!
My feast is served.
Have a wonderful day!
(”)_ (”)Š


Danella said:

Great feast.

Hope you fight off that cough.

Mine is up too.

February 9, 2007
12:05 pm

Hootin' Anni said:

Wasn’t Elvis’s favortie colors black and pink? Hey!!! You’re right up there with the BEST of ‘em then.

My birthday feast is served

February 9, 2007
12:27 pm

Chateau said:

I hope you get better soon. Love Christmas the best too. Thanks for sharing your feast!


Annie said:

Great feast! My dessert is the same as yours… I love Christmas-time! Sorry that you had the flu. My family has been fortunate enough to avoid sickies… hopefully till spring!


mamichelle said:

Great feast ! I love pink & black.


Barbara H. said:

I have a lot of pink, too. :) Hope you get rid of that cough soon!


JHS said:

None of the relationships developed on any of those Bachelor shows has lasted except Krista something and the fire fighter. Last I heard. Like I check into these things . . . Anyway, it would be fun to have guys vying for you.

You mean Trista and Ryan Sutter? It’s not like I watched religiously or anything. LOL!


Christine said:

Working in restaurants, I know what you mean. Managers don’t want you coughing on their guest’s food, but they don’t want you calling in sick either. Doesn’t make any sense to me.

Christmas with the kids is the best part of my year!
Have a great weekend!


April said:

Pink and Black, good colors.. Still girley but yet confident :-)
Amazing Race, I am all excited for the new one to start, it is all the past winners competing.


Amy said:

Oh yes, I love seeing Christmas through the eyes of my kids even now at ages 20, 18, and 16! I can’t wait to celebrate it with my grandbabies too!

Congrats on being a finalist! I voted for you!

And as far as your precious baby~she looks perfect to me! What do doctors know anyway ;o)

Oh yeah, and congrats on winning the jewelry too! You are having a fabulous month do far!!

Yes, it has been a great month!


Sanni said:

Great feast - I´m full. I love the Bachelorette idea - I didn´t think about it because I´m not single either. Have you watched “My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance”?

Hope you´ll get rid of your cough soon!

I watched the first one (were there more?). I felt so sorry for her family when she told them the truth at the wedding. I don’t know what I’d do if my daughter did that to me on national television!


tiggerprr said:

Awww poor thing! I hate that lingering cough. I am hoping to avoid it this time!

I love The Bachelorette idea too…hmmm…hmmm…LOL


Lisa Knight said:

Great Feast.

I find myself buying more pink ever since I had the Princess… maybe someday I’ll have more pink than red.

That’s when it started for me, too!


Linda said:

First time here–loved the feast, am checking out your Share the Love stuff!


NOLADawn said:

Ditto on the Christmas reasons!


Debby said:

Great feast! What? You like pink? No way….I don’t believe it! ;) Happy Friday!

No, I do! Really! LOL!


rach said:

Thanks for visiting my feast earlier.

I’m also fond of light shades of pink and I also like classic black. Same here, Christmas is my favorite holiday because of the overwhelming love and giving.

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