When Traveling With Car Seats on an Airplane

November 17, 2007

Hey everyone! I’m currently on a layover and I’m loving the cold weather! It’s actually in the upper 40s here and I love that I can wear my long winter coat! It really makes me feel like the holidays are near.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that I was involved in a situation on the plane today that I hope you never have to go through as a passenger.

A family was boarding the flight with a baby that looked to be about a year old. They had brought on board their own car seat and even purchased a plane seat to put it in. However, upon inspecting the car seat, we found that they had removed the stickers from the side of the car seat that say it’s been approved by the FAA for aircraft use.

Even though it was your typical GRACO car seat that we all know is okay to use, that sticker HAS to be there. If we allowed the family to use it, we could get fined big time. In fact, my sister who works for another airline said there was recently a ghost rider on her flight who tried to break FAA rules to see what the flight attendants would do.

I felt so bad when I had to explain the situation to them but I can’t afford to pay a fine or get suspended. Thank goodness they were pretty understanding about it and checked it in instead.

Now, not every airline will check even though they’re supposed to. But just in case, if you’re planning on using your car seat on the plane, please make sure you have the sticker on the side that says, “This car seat is approved by the FAA for aircraft use.” It’s usually printed in red for easy viewing.

Mahalo from your flight crew.

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