Just Another Day at Work

February 18, 2008

Are you guys tired of hearing about all my strange work stories? I know it seems like only bad things happen to me but the truth is that there are more positives than negatives. It’s just that the negatives are more interesting to blog about. *wink*

My flight home this weekend started with a sad situation. Apparently, a couple checked in for their flight, received their boarding passes, and checked their bags in. However, somewhere along the way they were accidentally “unchecked” by an agent. As far as the computer was concerned, they never made it to the airport and since the flight was overbooked, another couple was assigned their seats instead. So when it came time to board, we had two couples booked for the same seats.

The agents did everything they could - they asked for volunteers to take another flight, checked the availability on other carriers, offered the couple a $1000 voucher to take a flight the next day - nothing worked. The only thing left was to remove the last family that boarded the flight even though they did check-in within the specified time limit. It all came down to a matter of time - who got to the airport first. The family was devastated. It was their first trip to Hawaii and their teenaged girls were excited to be going. As they were walking off the plane, one of the daughters started crying uncontrollably. It was all I could do to not cry myself. It was such a heart-breaking sight.

It made me wonder why flights are so over-booked to begin with. I realize that the bottom line is money and the company is counting on a no-show factor, but really, how many people would book a flight to Hawaii and not show up? I’m guessing not many. This poor family could have purchased their tickets a year in advance and now they have to wait an extra day before leaving. Something about this just doesn’t seem right.

Spotlight Comment by Tiffany of Snapshots of Life:

I love hearing your work stories. I absolutely love flying! Unfortunately, we don’t get to fly very often! I feel bad for that family. Hopefully, their schedules were flexible enough that they still get to do everything they wanted to do.

Flying definitely is not what it used to be. I remember hearing stories (this was before my time *grin*) of how it used to be a privilege to fly. All of the passengers would get dressed up like they were going to the White House and were very courteous. That is how all of your passengers are now, right? :)

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42 Comments on “Just Another Day at Work”


Tammy said:

Oh, that is heartbreaking! They shouldn’t have had to be bumped off that flight because of someone else’s mistake- whoever it was. They had their hotel and vacation time all booked and plans made! Did they get the $1000 voucher or compensation of some sort?

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yoshi said:

That’s just too bad. When we flew to NJ last xmas, they told us on the overhead that it was an overbooked flight and they were looking for anyone who would like to take the next flight with a flight voucher.

Ok you know what, it’s backwards. I know they’re counting on no shows. How about if there are no shows, THEN give away the seats. And I’m saying give them away about 20 mins to half hour before the flight leaves. none of this “let’s book more, and hope some people don’t show up.”

Let’s be honest, if someone checks in after that period of time, they may or may not make it through security in time. that’s what i’m thinking.

but then again, i don’t know anything about flying.

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