If You Thought My Job Was Glamorous . . .

September 3, 2007

On my flight home the other day, someone missed the toilet and ended up peeing all over the lavatory floor. The lady who was next in line went in and immediately came back out.

“That restroom is a mess! Someone needs to clean it up!”

Unfortunately, she was looking at me. Now, if it was any of my other crew members, they probably would have “inop” the lavatory until everything somewhat dried up, then reopen it again later.

Me? Since everyone was now staring at me, I had no choice. I armed myself with rubber gloves, napkins, and trash bags then attacked the mess while the passengers stood there and watched.

I bet no one would have traded jobs with me at that very moment.

Note: Another reason why you should NEVER go barefoot on a plane!


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30 Comments on “If You Thought My Job Was Glamorous . . .”


mar said:

So sorry about this… I never wear socks to go to the toilet and I wear capri pants if I am flying…


Twisted Cinderella said:

eeewww. That is definitely not the most glamorous part of your job for sure. Yuck!


Lissete said:

Yuck! I have never understood how a person can miss a toilet so badly! All over the floor??? Jeez!


Jessica K said:

Um, too many beverages at the airport bar maybe? Sorry you had to do that. It’s bad enough cleaning up after my three guys, and I love them! ick.


Maribeth said:

My retired Captain Hubby and I are both laughing this morning. Thanks for making my day. After 33 years flying with the airlines he has just about seen it all.


Papaya Mom said:

You are a better person than many of us - I hope one of those people watching wrote a comment on how quickly helpful you were so you get an *ata girl!* from work.

I do find that there are a lot of barefoot at the toilet people coming to/from Hawaii and I want to remind them - this is NOT Hawaii anymore, no matter how friendly your airline staff are! :)


Tammy said:

Yikes! I hope you took a nice long luxurious bath that night!


maria said:

lol @ barefoot….I am always guilty of that, but not in the lav….ewwww, and you may hvae cured me now.


Angela said:

GROSS!!! I am so sorry…that had to rank as one of your least favorite in-flight tasks, ever. Not to mention the line of people “watching” you with their hands on their hips like you’re some kind of maid. Kudos for making it through.


Elizabeth said:

Thank you for doing the dirty work, though. I sure hope they thanked you.


Renee said:

eeewwwee! :p

I think it should be a LAW that all parents teach their boys that if you’re using a shared toilet that you should SIT DOWN…especially on a plane. I don’t think there’s any person who can hit that target on a plane!

I also think that all parents should teach all their kids to close the lid on the toilet. PERIOD! None of this crap of lowering the seat and “whah, why don’t women lift the seat?” The darned thing was made with a lid…USE IT!

I have had to follow too many men to the “lav” and they are totally disgusting. I have to wonder if they think that someone comes in there and cleans up their mess after each use. Perhaps there should be a sign in the lavs…

“We don’t have House Elves here…clean up your own mess!”

that’s what I tell DD. ;)


Cathi said:

My husband works for AA and I go with him often on trips. I never take my shoes off on the plane for I know the cleaning crew has limited time to clean and if the carpet isn’t steam cleaned then “Hey”. My husband keeps the FC lav spotless and the best time to use any other is after ME. I clean and sanitize before and after I use it. :) Personally, I think all males should be required to SIT.


donetta said:

I’m sorry you didn’t have a gentleman to at least hold the trash bag for you! I hope that today fills you with beauty!


Laura Lohr : My Beautiful Life said:

Ugh. That is just not right. I am sorry you had to do that and have a new found respect for what you do.

When we went on vacation this summer, I really realized that all walks of people fly. Joe P. Public is really a slob.


Wendy said:

That’s just gross! What is wrong with people???


Rach said:

It must have been tough doing the cleaning by yourself but I admire how you didn’t complain about it even though it wasn’t supposed to be part of your duties.


Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said:

Oh yuck! I can only imagine. Having to clean up after my hubby and boys is enough.


La Bellina Mammina said:

Am sorry the cleaning fell on you…It’s the same with public bathrooms too! Meaning, some women DO make a mess (too) peeing:-(


Melissa said:

Yeah… that is unfortunately a daily occurance in my home. Good thing our bathrooms are a tad larger than the ones on an airplane though ;)


Waya said:

Oh, I’m sorry you had to do that! THAT would have grossed me out! And I hope your employer and co-workers appreciate what you do!


Mary said:

I’ve always thought of being a flight attendant as a thankless job for the most part… just like being a nurse. It’s those moments when you willing do those thankless tasks that shows what you’re really made of. ;) You go girl!


Pamela said:

oh.. thats when you get on the intercom and say there is an emergency.
“Is there a Janitor on board?”


Write From Karen said:

I’d be one of those customers who handed you fresh paper towels instead of standing there making sympathetic noises like an idiot.

I have to ask, why do people not clean up their mess when they make one? Because you can’t tell me they DON’T know, I mean, come on.

This sort of goes back to your earlier post, “Where’s the Courtesy?”

Clean up, people. Have some respect. Sheesh.


Holly Schwendiman said:

Ackaroo! That’s nasty! I certainly don’t envy your job.



patois said:

Ick. I hate cleaning toilets around the house, and those are body fluids from people I know (and love). Thank you for doing what you do, lady!


Pass the Torch said:

Thanks for the shoutout, Kailani!


Lulu said:

I just don’t understand why people can’t/won’t clean up their bathroom messes! It’s so friggin’ aggravating! I’m sorry that you had to do that. And even sorrier that the lady yelled at you to clean it up! I probably would have just politely walked out of that bathroom and into another, and then quietly told someone that the bathroom was a mess. No need to cause a ruckus!


Tiff said:

ew. I totally get barefoot everytime I fly.

I will not be doing that again.

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