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February 13, 2007 by Kailani  
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Do your kids wear a required uniform to school?

On my last flight, a group of us started debating the pros and cons of school uniforms. I, personally, see nothing wrong with it and hope that it’s implemented in whatever school Girlie Girl ends up at.

Even though uniforms can be expensive and have no use outside of school, I think the benefits far outweigh the costs.

  • It will save us time in the morning since we won’t have to decide what to wear.
  • There will be less peer pressure to keep up with the latest fashions.
  • It won’t single out students who can’t afford fancy name brand clothes.
  • It would be easier to spot students who do not belong on campus.
  • It would prevent gang members from wearing “colors” to school.

But what happens to those student who can’t afford to purchase their uniforms? I’m sure there’s some kind of law that says you can’t deny attendance in a public school. Or what if, God forbid, there was a natural disaster while the kids were in school. Wouldn’t uniforms make it more difficult to identify your child in the middle of all the chaos?

What do you think? Please take the poll then leave your thoughts in comments.

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Kailani is the owner and founder of An Island Life. You'll find her sharing her daily life as a mother to 3 wonderful daughters, working as a flight attendant, and living a blessed life in Hawaii.


27 Responses to “What to Wear to School”
  1. sugarmama says:

    My children has to wear uniform to school and besides the benefits that you had listed in your posting, I also think it places the child’s frame of mind in studying. Like us adults – the way we present ourselves in the work environment plays a big role in how we act or feel professionally.

    As far as the cost is concerned, I know that here in Chicago there are uniform places (store chain whose name escapes me right now) that are dirt cheap – I’m talking about uniform pants that are $7.99 and uniform shirts for $4.99. Which I think is waaaay cheaper than the fashionable clothes that kids wear to school now-a-days.

  2. maria says:

    My oldest goes to a private high school and unifroms are required. It is half the reason we sent him there. When you dress for success, you acheive it. Plain and simple. There are other factors, but it is the first step. Our school will give you a unifrom if you can’t afford one. They collect them from Senior girls each year.

  3. Carey says:

    You make some valid points both for and against. Our kids do not have uniforms, but i will not allow them to wear inappropriate clothing either. Our school does have a dress code(can not show off the belly, and skirts have to be longer than where the thumbs come down to on the leg, to name a few). They will actually make the kids change into whatever is in the nurses office if need be.
    I do think peer pressure is very hard with kids when it comes to fashion. My kids have mostly hand me downs and they are fine with that, but every now and then(not so much anymore), something is said, feeling are hurt, but they get passed it.
    So, Im not for or against it, im somewhere in the middle. I would like to kow what they do for those who cannot afford them…I for one probably could not to have all 4 kids dressed in uniforms. Im lucky as it is to have pants without holes in the knees for all of them.

  4. Carey says:

    I agree, that the way they dress can help in studying. In our high school for example, actual students went to the board demanding stricter dress codes, because some of the clothes that are worn can be distracting to the opposite sex. Their points were valid, and the dress code was changed. Way to go students for sticking up for what is important…learning(without inappropriate distraction).

  5. sam says:

    Some mornings when I’m fighting with the girls, I wish they had to wear a uniform, I think it would make my life easier. I do believe that uniforms are a plus, maybe I’ll petition for them at our school…hmm…

  6. Kukka-Maria says:

    I wear a super-sexy cat uniform every day. God gave it to me.

    I’m for school uniforms.

  7. Kukka-Maria says:

    I wear a super-sexy cat uniform every day. God gave it to me.

    I’m FOR school uniforms. :)

  8. yoshi says:

    I’m all for uniforms. Although you do make a great point about a disaster situation and identifying children.

    But I’m still for uniforms because of the other points you also made about the other various things like gangs, peer pressure and such.

    Also, I think it will help kids understand when later in life they have to wear uniforms for their jobs.

  9. Ma says:

    The uniforms in Hawaii are only T-shirts so it’s not too bad. They run from $5.00 to around $10.00, depending on the style and the print you choose. My nieces and nephews in Wai’anae got them and it’s not bad. To me it saves on school clothes. It’s less money to spend. You can use either shorts or long pants. And the shirts are usually the school colors.

  10. Renee says:

    I think uniforms are a good thing…especially since manufacturers of girl clothing tend to think our daughters want to dress like BRATZ dolls. I really wouldn’t want my DD out of my sight all day wearing what all her friends want to wear.
    Luckily, I don’t have that problem at all. Most days our school uniform is our PJs. Not having her in public schools she has no idea what’s in fashion with her age mates so she doesn’t ask for it. Funny, the in thing in the stores seems to be the Candies wear and DD is not into it at all. YAY!

    My problem is finding DD’s size. The stores around here don’t buy enough slim pants…I have to order them online.

  11. Renee says:

    oh and I hear that most schools will provide either money or uniforms for kids who can’t afford them. My neice & nephew have to wear them…which floored my mom who didn’t know it and bought my neice a ton of “school clothes” for kindergarden. ha ha

  12. Michelle says:

    With such an overwhelming majority for uniforms it makes you wonder why more schools don’t do it.

  13. momto3cubs says:

    Wow, my security word is Maui! Yes, Maui, I miss you too!

    I’m all for school uniforms. We don’t have them here, but I would favor it. Would save me a lot of money and grief, make for easier mornings, improve the atmosphere at school, improve peer relations, etc.

  14. Bex says:

    Looks like I’m with the majority. Yay for uniforms!!

  15. Mommy the Maid says:

    Most of the schools here that have a uniform, don’t have acctual “uniforms”. It’s more like a very strict dress code. A good friend of mine has her kiddos at a private school and their uniform is “a light blue, dark blue, or white polo or button up, and tan or navy colored khaki pants or long skirt and their school ID on their shirt at all times”. That way they have a bit of room to express themselves through clothing, but still all look similar so there isn’t a lot of disruptions from clothes.

    I also don’t htink it is more expensive. You buy 5 or 6 pair of pants or long skirts, 7 or 8 shirts and they are set for a full semester. Then you just buy a few at home clothes and it all reallky evens out. THey also sell uniforms at places like The Children’s Place, Ross, and even Walmart and Target so the cost isn’t too high.

    Miss Turtle doesn’t have uniforms at her school, and the dress code only has obvious restrictions, but sometimes I wish they had a strciter dress code or a uniform.

  16. Waya says:

    I’m all for uniforms in school and I agree totally with all the reasons you’ve stated Kailani. My two nieces have been wearing uniforms for school for the past 7 years and it’s such a savings in time, and money for my sisters.
    You know how kids can be with wanting to be better than each other. This will definitely prevent those with risque clothes to school.

  17. Lissete says:

    Totally For. My girls have been wearing uniforms since kindergarten, they are now in H.S. Uniforms can be more cost effective than regullar clothes. You really only need 3 sets. With regular clothes you end up buying way more because more than likely they won’t be wearing their school clothes when they go out.

    When my dd was in 6th grade, this mother went to the PTA meetiing to complain about the unifrm policy. She said that it takes away from the child’s individuality. She then asks “What is wrong with the way my daughter is dressed?” Then the daughter stood up. Mind you, 12 years old. Crop top, low rise torn up jeans ( you could see her crack) & a belly ring. So there you go.

    She ended up filing an exception with the school board on the grounds that it infringed on her daughter’s rights. So her kid was the only one in the entire school who did not wear uniform.

  18. jenn says:

    I think uniforms would solve a lot of problems in the public school system. In our area, they are not used. also, the dress code is not that strict and I think it should be much, much more so.

    My biggest point is that they really do help the kids focus on the learning, that’s what they are there for. I would never do a private school that didn’t use uniforms. You’re paying more for and it and even more so in that case I want my kids learning, not socializing and worrying about who wears what.

  19. Rona says:

    Our teen is in an ISP program so no uniforms.

  20. NtycnBoricua says:

    I’m for uniforms. Even though my baby girl is far from school age, I have to agree with your list of pros. I never thought about the natural disaster aspect of it, though. Still for them. I wore a uniform until 3rd grade and it worked out fine.


  21. Scone says:

    Our kids’ school does the “not quite a uniform” dress code, which does require us to have more than just jeans and t-shirts, but the boys look nicer in their khakis and polos, and they even try to dress up a little more when they can. Because we qualified for the Title I (or whatever it’s called where you get free lunch if you’re poor), the school gives us any extra clothes they have on hand or a uniform allowance– they also have a clothing sale every semester where people can donate clothes their kids have outgrown and buy other people’s for cheap. It works out for us.

  22. Janean says:

    I had to wear uniforms my Junior year in High school when I went to a private school. As a teenager, I hated it, but it was nice not to have to decide what to wear. And to know I would look just as nice as the rest of the students. Took alot of “peer pressure” off that I felt in public high school when people made comments about my clothes.
    As for cost, one could set up something like the Boy Scouts do where they have a warehouse for used uniforms that the kids have grown out of. They sell them at reduced or give them away for free depending on income.
    Here from CHBM Carnival. :D
    Have a great week!!

  23. Angelika says:

    There can still be discrimination with school uniforms.

    One kid has a top of the line polo shirt and another kid has the dollar store version of the shirt.

    Regardless, I am against school uniforms. I would not have worn them without an awesome fight with my parents when I was in school.


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