How to Use Beads to Make a Pair of Pretty Earrings

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Virtually anyone can make earrings from beads. Seasoned bead artists often use complex patterns or make their own designs, while beginners tend to stick with simpler methods of bead stringing. What follows is a simple method that bead artists of any level can use.

Begin with a headpin. Headpins come in a wide variety of thicknesses and metals. Silver is recommended for these particular earrings. The headpins have either flat or rounded heads on the ends. Place a small spacer bead onto the pin. After that, place other, larger beads on the headpin and continue doing so until there is from ¼ – 3/8” left on the headpin. Of course, if shorter earrings are desired, wire cutters can be used to shorten the headpin to the desired length.

Next, use a pair of needle nosed pliers or jewelry pliers to bend the top of the headpin to a 90-degree angle. Then continue to bend the wire into a loop, but do not close it completely. This allows the jewelry maker to add a wire or post. A French wire is an excellent choice and is most commonly used for pierced earring construction. Once this has been added, use the piers to completely close off the loop at the top of the headpin. Repeat the steps for the second earring.

There are literally millions of different kinds of beads that one can use for this project. Glass beads, ceramic beads, pearls, polymer clay beads or wooden beads are but a few.

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    It’s funny you should post about this today of all days; I was able to get back to my beading and I made 2 sets of earrings today, as well as a bracelet ^.^

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