Do You Play Hooky?

January 7, 2009 by Kailani  
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Girlie Girl had a piano class to go to and I just wasn’t in the mood to take her. Unfortunately, DH was away on a trip so I was the only option. All day while she was at school, I kept going back and forth on the subject in my head.

*She should go because she just had a 2-week break, but the weather looks bad. She should go because the class is already paid for, but I’ll probably get stuck in traffic on the way home. She should go because she needs to practice, but Baby Bug is just getting over a cold. Blah blah blah.*

So what did I do? Yup, we stayed home. A part of me felt guilty yet another part felt relieved that we didn’t have to go.

I think sometimes we all need to take a little break from our every day parental responsibilities. So she didn’t go to piano class. Is that such a crime? Instead I just had her practice a little extra longer that night at home and she was totally fine with it. I just explained to her that we all needed a break today.

What about you? Do you sometimes play hooky, too?

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38 Responses to “Do You Play Hooky?”
  1. playing hookey says:

    yup. I’m not commenting today.

  2. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    Not usually… It depends though. If the weather’s bad we may skip something but usually we try to go – especially if it’s already paid for. I’m often very tempted to play hooky though. :)

  3. Em Dy says:

    Yup. Attending Christmas parties is one example. I reasoned that traffic would be bad so I stayed home. And like you, I went through the process of arguing with myself and feeling somewhat guilty.

  4. AmyG says:

    *gasp* I’ve kept my oldest home from school before, because I didn’t want to get up, lol.

  5. Desert Songbird says:

    I think we all do. Yes, we need to teach our kids about obligations and follow through and responsibility, but I think modeling to our kids that we all need breaks sometimes is also important. Self-care is something some people still don’t get.

  6. Dawn's Daily Life says:

    We played hooky from my daughter’s dance class yesterday. This is not something we normally do at all, but it was my son’s birthday, and I just didn’t feel like taking away from his special day. We went to Chuck E. Cheese instead. :-) Everyone needs to let loose and have a little fun now and then!

  7. Kristi says:

    I am guilty of playing hooky a lot. I even let Noah play hooky once in awhile if it seems he needs a break.

  8. michelle says:

    I’ve definitely played hooky before. Everyone needs to play hooky from time to time, parents or children. I had a friend that used to call it a mental sick day or something like that. I think when it’s not a regular habit that teaches the kids bad habits, it’s ok to do once in awhile.

  9. SANDY says:

    Yes I do, no guilt about it either..your body or brain need a break…no explaining to anyone…

  10. Upstatemomof3 says:

    So far, no. No matter how bad the weather is or how crazy the situation we always go to hockey practice. Big Brother loves it too much to skip it.

  11. Rechelle says:

    I think being able to let go of things and easing even one small stressor in your life for that moment – for that day- is very important- there’s also some comfort in knowing you still have some control in your life over things you have to or choose to do-

  12. tracey says:

    Yup. Not a lot. Just enough to remind myself that I am in charge. I am not a slave to classes or sports. Nor are my children. We don’t overschedule our kids, but there are times when classes or scouts are busier or overlap, and you sometimes have to just step back and say “No. We’re too busy.”

  13. Lori Downs says:

    I plead the fifth!!!!

  14. Sarah says:

    Yes, I have. My son wasn’t feeling the best one morning, but enough to make it to school. Well, he missed the bus that morning because it was early. So, I justified him staying home by him not feeling super. Even though the main reason was I didn’t feel like bundling up the other two and getting dressed to bring him to school.

    It’s OK to take a break once in awhile. Our kids will be OK, and I am sure they prefer the time with us anyway. :) Hope you are doing well.

  15. diana/sunshine says:

    all the time! =)

  16. Sues2u2 says:

    You mean like when my son should have been @ boy scouts but was instead home watching Lingo on the game show network? No, we have never done that! Of course the fact that he’d had wrestling practice until 5:30 & then scouts @ 6:30 but his homework wasn’t done so he didn’t go – does that count?! ha,ha

  17. Renee says:

    We did once because time just got away from me and there was no way that I could get her back home and to her lesson on time. (we were at the park with our friends) Unfortunately the next week she wanted to do it again. I had to spell it out to her in money…”last week cost us $X, money we can’t have back…so you’re going this week!” And once she was there, she was fine…she just didn’t want to quit one fun thing, even if it was to go do another fun thing.

    But we’ve also skipped out on field trips too. Sometimes I just don’t want to get everyone ready and drive over there to look at yet another old house with a waggon wheel in the front yard. sigh!

  18. Jackie says:

    Every now and then…but not often. I think the guilt of “skipping” something gets the better of me. On occassion (but not often), if I think my daughters have been overloaded with work or extra-curricular activities, I’ll let them stay home from school. We call it “taking a mental day.”

  19. Melissa says:

    Oh yeah… we play hooky every now and again. In fact, we just might play tonight. Red has scouts, but I am not feeling well at all. Hubby has a big meeting and probably won’t be able to take him… I guess we’ll see how I feel later, but as of right now? I don’t think it’s gonna happen!

  20. Cat @ 3 Kids and Us says:

    All the time sister. I played hooky from my OB visit on Monday, but it came back to bite me when they made me come in Wednesday. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

  21. Jennifer says:

    Absolutely. Sometimes one needs a break from all the busyness.

  22. Louise says:

    I do. We were signed up for Gymboree and I became pregnant with my son. I knew the classes were paid for and I just didn’t feel like going. I would blame the weather, but it was just me being lazy. Well not lazy, I was caring for a 9 month old and being pregnant. I think as moms we are always really hard on ourselves. So thinking of it the way you are, “taking a break” is a great way to think of it. You know, I would give anything for one day to stay in bed all day.

  23. Thea @ I'm a Drama Mama says:

    Is it still playing hooky if you just completely FORGET to take your daughter to her first dance class?

  24. Misty VanEpps says:

    i like to play hooky, but if its paid for then its a must unless there is no way we can get there.

  25. Nancy says:

    Definitely. Mental health days are good for the soul.

  26. Rhonda says:

    I rarely play hooky with activities that I paid for. Usually I would ask someone else to take my daughter or pick her up.

    For those actitivies that I didn’t pay for, yes I played hooky. Sometimes we do need a break. Don’t feel guilty, you didn’t keep her from school.

  27. Sherrie says:

    Love your blog…it’s so bright and cheery. And yes, I play hooky, too. It’s so bad, isn’t it? LOL! I think “all” of us moms have done it at least once. :)

  28. HeatherY says:

    Sometimes we all need a little break from the everyday! The holidays can get so hectic that you almost need an extra week to recover. You’ve gotta do whatever it takes to maintain a little sanity sometimes!

  29. mannequin says:

    Yup. We sure do and sometimes it’s from piano lessons as well! I think it’s important to be “flexible” so I just call it that.

    Like you, when we have stayed home and not done piano, he plays for me while I relax and just listen…… I think that’s just as important.

  30. Dee says:

    we need breaks, I play hooky every once and a while, you just have to sometimes.

  31. Sparky Duck says:

    I do the planned hooky, like taking off for the inauguration

  32. Stacey says:

    Ahh, I get tend to get stuck in that “What is the right thing to do” moment. When my toddler was doing swim lessons through the local rec league there were a few times that she didn’t want to go. Most of the time I would talk her into going but then there was one week where I didn’t want to go either so it was ok if she skipped that week. Of course there were the weeks where I really didn’t want to go and she had to talk me into going!

  33. VeRonda says:

    OMG, Kailani! We all need hooky time. Its the only way to get through the rest of the days that we actually have to commit to. Good decisions. Children are resilient… we’re the ones who hold on to stuff.

  34. Elizabeth says:

    When I was reading the way you were reasoning with yourself, I had major flashbacks. That’s completely something I would do. :)

  35. Cathi says:

    Now…we aren’t talking about high school, right?

  36. BlapherMJ says:

    Absolutely! I have, and I’ve allowed my kids to at certain times…. Sometimes we all need a mental (or physical!) break…. As long as it’s the exception, and not the norm, I think it’s ok. :-)

  37. Twisted Cinderella says:

    I do sometimes play hooky, and i usually feel bad about it. LOL

  38. Holly Schwendiman says:

    I think breaks are good as long as they don’t become the standard. Ironically, my tolerance for scheduled events has dropped instead of increased since we made major cuts to the things we sign up for. I’m quite possessive about my time with my family now that I have so much of it! LOL


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