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February 19, 2007 by Kailani  
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Whew! What an amazing amount of submissions this week! Thank you to everyone who participated! If you haven’t already joined us, what are you waiting for? Come and join the fun!

Without further ado, here is the 42nd edition of the Carnival of Family Life. Enjoy!

Family Stories

  • Stop by Whiskers on Kittens where an embarrassing moment at the mall leads to a lesson in those with disabilities. Read about it in An impromptu etiquette lesson.
  • The stress of registering your child for preschool! Poor Mom & Dad from Raising4Boys. See what time they had to get to the school in Preschool Registration Madness. Thank goodness we could mail our application in!
  • Who says Dads don’t know how to host a party? Read about how one Dad helped many parents relax and enjoy the morning in Hooray for Euro Dad! submitted by Doug of KidFaves.
  • Chara from Zero to Gourmet shares a wonderful Valentine’s Day story (and a recipe) about the early years of her premarital relationship in for my valentine.
  • Stop by The Common Room where the Deputy Headmistress’ kids played a prank on their father in Driveway Wall. I would have loved to see his reaction when he came home from work!
  • I’m sure all parents go through this. Stop by Be a Good Dad and see if you can give him some advice in Handling a Stubborn Daughter.
  • One of my favorite bloggers is back! Sam of Mommy Needs a MaiTai welcomes us to the land of sisterly love.
  • DigitalRichDaily says, “When family movie night moves beyond your average Disney film, it can impact your childs life.” read his post entitled Unanswered Questions.
  • Laundry getting you down? Read Karen’s story, Success and the Laundry, at Live the Power.
  • Stop by Mommy the Maid where she’s having a Great Day At The Zoo. Sometimes it’s the simple things that mean the most.
  • Read this cute post by Morgan Abigail, a pre-schooler, entitled Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • How do you feel about kids having their own cell phones? Sharon at The Frugal Duchess is currently having this debate with her kids in “But Mom…Half the Kids in My Class Have Cell Phones!”
  • It’s whale watching season on Maui and Liza of Liza’s Eyeview spent a wonderful family day at the Whale Day Celebration. Check out the great photos!
  • Ever wanted to be in the Oymipics? Stop by Scribbit and find out which event Michelle’s son would like to compete for in Deep Thoughts. She also has some pretty funny videos you may want to check out!
  • As for An Island Life, I was feeling a little Uninspired this week. Check out what finally cured my blues.


  • Simon, the Freelance Cynic talks about the ecstatic pain of love in And now for something Completely Different.
  • Over at Holly’s Corner Blog, she’s sharing the secrets to a long and happy marriage. Read about it in Secrets of a Happy Marriage.
  • What’s important to you? Alan of Made to Be Great says, “It’s All About Family.” I think he’s right.
  • Valentine’s Day may be over but that shouldn’t stop you from showing your love throughout the year. Shamelle of Enhance Life shows us How To Easily (and Lazily!) Make Your Loved One Feel Special.
  • Rodger of Success & Personal Development Blog submits a post about 10 Priceless Gifts Parents Can Give Their Children that are more important than “stuff”.
  • Dr. Hal of North Star Mental Fitness Blog talks about how the loss of a relationship sometimes surprises people in I Thought Everything Was Fine: Then It’s Gone.
  • JHS of Colloquium presents It All Began at Chuck E. Cheese’s, the story of how she met her husband on a blind date there!
  • Do you miss those years before you had any real family responsiblities? Stop by MamaBlogga where Jordan realizes that she’s “Where I Belong“.

Tips & Advice

  • Everyone knows how expensive babies can be. Erica of Little Mummy gives some great money saving tips in Ten Money Savers Every New Mum Should Note.
  • Hueina of Intensive Care for the Nurturer’s Soul has some great advice, “Remember, you are the Leading Lady and director of your own show. You are in charge and fully responsible for how your show turns out to be. If your show is competing for the Academy Award of Life, which categories will it be nominated? Which awards will you win? This Valentine’s Day, make a point to celebrate YOU, honor yourself, and give yourself the LOVE and star treatment you truly deserve.” Read about it in Celebrating YOU: The Leading Lady of Your Show.
  • Looking for something to do indoors this winter? Lori of Fun Playdates has some great movie suggestions for your whole family. Check it out in Frosty Winter Movies that Will Warm Your Heart.
  • Check out Lil Duck Duck where Mama Duck received some great advice from her blogging friends in Toddler fears – the scary drain!
  • Are you a first-time home buyer? Check out the valuable information that Katie of Aridni shares in How to Buy Your First House.
  • Over at Jigsaw hc’s Rants & Reviews, Jigsaw hc talks about the Top Reasons to Fly with a Baby or Child.
  • Know someone having a baby? Kevin from More4Kids has some great advice in Baby Names — Ideas To Help Pick The Right One!
  • Karen of Thrifty Mommy shares a great website that lets parents know what’s in the movie your kids are watching. Check it out in Kids-In-Mind Keeps Parents Informed. She’s also hosting the upcoming Carnival of Credit Card. If you have a post that you think will fit in, send it in!
  • When family routine gets a little too routine, it’s time to try something new. Kate of Babylune shares her Top 5 New Things To Try.
  • Laura of Adventures in Juggling says, “If I could encourage young mamas, i would. I promise, the diapers, potty training, snot, homework woes, playground battles and such will pass…they will pass too quickly. Soon enough you too will encounter a new frontier of being the mom of a young adult. I am chanting over and over that we all will survive this too.” Stop by and read sometimes . . .
  • Csara of Babytalkers shares her list of reasons Why Online Communities Rock.
  • Ever met a children’s book author? Hsien of Play Library had the opportunity in Antony Lishak, Children’s Book Author. He even gave her some writing tips!
  • Patricia of A Better You Blog says, “Do you have healthy outlets for life’s stress, or are you taking your frustrations out on your family? Find out new ways to let off steam and be the person you want to be.” Read her advice in Let Off Steam: 4 Types of Releases You Need to be Happy and Healthy.

Things to Think About

  • Stephanie of Green SAHM says, “Mothers have tremendous influence on their families. You can help your family make environmentally responsible decisions with just a little effort.” Read her story in How Much Can a Stay at Home Mom Really Do For the Environment?
  • Sigh, if only we all had this problem. Check out Jul from Veggie Chic’s submission – When Good Kids Go Veggie.
  • Dana of Principled Discovery discusses a very important subject for anyone who has kids online. Check out Child Safety and the Internet.
  • Creative play = Mess. Watching television = A Clean House. What would you choose? See what Stephanie of Adventures in the 100 Acre Woods says in Maybe I Should Just Let Them Watch TV.
  • Lisa of Let’s Talk Babies shares an interesting study where 21 economically advanced countries were ranked in terms of how their kids were being taken care of. See where the United States ranked in UNICEF Study of Child Well-Being.
  • Is it true that Eskimos Have 50 Words For Snow? See what Athol at the Real Estate Guide thinks they are! LOL!

Just For Laughs

  • Mad Kane is at it again. Read her hilarious poem . . . Litigation Ode.

Please don’t forget to stop by and visit some of the participants. There’s a lot of great reading included here and we all love getting comments, right? And besides, the monthly Participation Contest is still going strong! You could be the Outstanding Carnival Member of the Month and win $15 to and a cool button to display.
Next week our host will be Liz at Modern Sage. Deadline to submit your family-related posts are every Saturday at 12 midnight, Hawaii Time. Editions are posted every Monday. You may directly or use the Blog Carnival Submission page. For more info, please see the sidebar.

Until next week, take care and be safe! Aloha!

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  1. Karen says:

    Everything looks great. Thanks! Looks like I have a lot of homework to do! :)

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    Great round up! You always do such an awesome job!

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    Great job on the carnival. Thanks for including me. There are a ton of entries to read through, I can’t wait to get started.

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    I know what I’ll be doing today :)

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    Thank you for including my post. Wow, there are so many interesting articles! I can’t wait to read them. Where o where should I start? :)

  6. Liza says:

    You did such fabulous job summing up these enormous entries. Great job Island Girl! And thank you for hosting this wonderful carnival.

  7. Patricia says:

    Great job, on a great carnival!

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    Great job on the good carnival. Thanks.


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