10 Tips to Save Energy Today

November 13, 2011 by Kailani  
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My kids’ school is currently promoting an Energy Efficiency program where they’re teaching the kids how to save energy at home. With that extra money that’s being saved families can take a much needed vacation or put it away for something they want later on. My kids are definitely on-board and have been turning off the lights, using less hot water, and turning off the television when they’re done.

But it doesn’t stop there. Here are some easy ways for your family to save money on your electric bill now.

  1. Install a programmable thermostat to keep your house comfortably warm in the winter and comfortably cool in the summer.
  2. Use energy efficient light bulbs with the ENERGY STAR® label.
  3. Air dry dishes instead of using your dishwasher’s drying cycle.
  4. Turn off your computer and monitor when not in use.
  5. Plug home electronics, such as TVs and DVD players, into power strips; turn the power strips off when the equipment is not in use (TVs and DVDs in standby mode still use several watts of power).
  6. Lower the thermostat on your hot water heater to 120°F.
  7. Take short showers instead of baths.
  8. Wash only full loads of dishes and clothes.
  9. Caulk, seal, and weather strip all seams, cracks, and openings to the outside.
  10. Look for the ENERGY STAR® label on home appliances and products. ENERGY STAR® products meet strict efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Information courtesy of the Dept. of Energy


About the Author: Kailani:
Owner of An Island Life and Family Review Network. Wife, mother, and flight attendant . . . living a blessed life in Hawaii.
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2 Responses to “10 Tips to Save Energy Today”
  1. 1
    SupermomWannabe says:

    Good advice! I am constantly telling the kids to turn off electronics, lights, tvs when not in use! Last winter we sealed energy efficient plastic over some of the larger windows in the home. I am not sure how much it helped, but supposedly it does. Also, washing/ drying clothes and dishes after 10pm and before 6am carries a lower electrical rate (at least in my area).

  2. 2
    atlanta hospice says:

    These are great tips!
    I am trying to educate my kids this way but my daughter loves bath so much that she is upset when I ask her to take shower instead!


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