Naturalizer “Shoe To The Rescue” at BlogHer ’11

July 8, 2011 by Kailani  
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As a flight attendant, I know a thing or two about comfortable shoes. In fact, I can spot a woman in need of a foot massage a mile away. You know the ones – they can be found limping to one side while trying to remain graceful, forcing a smile while wincing in pain, or trying to walk on the balls of their feet to avoid the blisters on their heels. How do I know? That was me many years ago when I believed that fashion trumped comfort every time.

Now that I’m a little older and a lot more wiser, I’ve found that fashion and comfort can be happily intertwined thanks to Naturalizer. I’ve been shopping their shoe collection for years and can swear that they make feet very happy. In fact, whenever I’m on a layover and spot a Naturalizer store, I stock up on the latest styles. Don’t believe me? Check these out!

I’m even a preferred member of the Naturalizer eClub. You know they don’t give those to just anyone, right?

If I were chosen as a Naturalizer Ambassador, I promise to rescue women by providing them with a comfortable shoe alternative. And I know just where to find them . . . at the Expo Hall. Last year, I remember walking around the ballroom visiting the various exhibits, looking for my roomies and the restroom, and dropping off swag at my hotel room. By the end of the day I was pooped. Can you imagine how much worse I would have felt if I weren’t wearing my Naturalizer shoes?

So what do you say, Naturalizer? Pick me to represent you at BlogHer ’11 and not only will you get a dedicated, hard working blogger rescuing comfortable shoe-deprived women but you’ll also get someone who really loves your product!

This was written for MyBlogSpark, the Brown Shoe Company & Naturalizer in the hopes of representing them at BlogHer ’11. I was not compensated . . . yet . . . for this post. :-)

About the Author: Kailani:
Owner of An Island Life. A flight attendant and mother to 3 beautiful girls. . . living a blessed life in Hawaii.
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9 Responses to “Naturalizer “Shoe To The Rescue” at BlogHer ’11”
  1. 1
    Krista says:

    Oh, I hope you get it! That would be awesome for you! :)

  2. 2
    Aaron says:

    Wow!love those shoes,that would nice to you!

  3. 3
    tracey says:

    Yeah, pick Kailani! I hope I can find you there. I’d love to give you a hug!

  4. 4
    sapir says:

    beautiful collection! we have the same style :P

  5. 5
    Richard says:

    My wife loves your shoe collection. And ask me if I can buy here one of those stuff for here b-day.

  6. 6
    sagemom says:

    Those are some nice shoes! Wish we had one down here…I always have trouble looking for nice shoes that are comfy.

  7. 7
    ella says:

    wow that’s a big collection of Naturalizer, you CAN really be their ambassador lol

  8. 8
    Honey Gomez says:

    oh i just love Naturalizer! None of my Naturalizer shoes gave me any problems! Not one! <3

  9. 9
    lovely baby says:

    Naturalizer shoes collection is very good.

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