The Dove Self-Esteem Weekend (Oct 5-7)

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The Dove Self-Esteem “Let’s Talk” Weekend is coming up October 5th – 7th. It’s a great opportunity for you to sit down with your daughter or any girl in your life and help her understand the importance of self-esteem.

To kick-off the Weekend, on October 5th Dove® is hosting a self-esteem building rally and then will “Walk the Talk” with mentors and girls from their partner organizations (Girls, Inc., Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and Girl Scouts of the U.S.A), by marching in silence to the heart of Times Square. They’re marching in silence to represent all the conversations about beauty anxiety that haven’t taken place. You can stay tuned to the walk by following the conversation on Oct 5 via Twitter by following @Dove and the hashtag #DoveInspired.

Did you know that 72% of girls ages 10-17 feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful. And who could blame them? We see it everywhere in magazines, on television, and even in the schools. Kacie turned 10 this year and I can already see the makings of a little diva. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look nice but she needs to understand that true beauty comes from inside.

Luckily, Dove has provided the necessary resources to help get that important conversation started. Just stop by their Facebook page and download the Let’s Talk Toolkit. It will give you the information and confidence you need to handle any question or concern your daughter may have. After all, being prepared will make the conversation go much more smoothly.

The toolkit suggests that you share “real life” stories, preferably those that you’ve gone through yourself. So I told Kacie about how when I was in high school I longed to be one of the popular girls. Never happened. Instead, I had a few really close friends who I still keep in touch with till this day. Of course, back then I thought being with the “in” crowd would ensure me a happy life. However, I think I did just fine without them. I explained to Kacie that her teenage years will be filled with so many different experience and emotions but if she’s confident in who she is then she’ll be able to handle anything. And I will be right there by her side every step of the way.

So join the Dove Movement for Self-Esteem and show your daughter what true beauty looks like.

You can also visit to learn more about Girl Scouts, Girls Inc., and Boys & Girls Clubs of America – as well access their full self-esteem curriculum. Thank you to Dove for providing this important information. I was compensated for this post.

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Owner of An Island Life. A flight attendant and mother to 3 beautiful girls. . . living a blessed life in Hawaii.
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