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Last night was the long anticipated Cheetah Girls Concert at the Blaisdell Arena.

Even though they were minus Raven, it was a concert that we’ll remember for a long time. Even I had to refrain from jumping up and dancing with the teeny boppers! I think I had just as much fun, if not more, than Girlie Girl. In fact, there were times when GG told me to stop embarrassing her. Oh my!

The only thing I didn’t care for was seeing so many young girls dressed up like little hoochie mamas. I may be old fashioned but there is no way in h*ll that I would ever let Girlie Girl leave the house with her bare midriff showing! Some of these girls had on skin tight tops, high heels, and mini skirts. They couldn’t have been more than 12 years old! What are their parents thinking?

Anyway, here are some photos of the event:

You see this t-shirt that Girlie Girl is wearing? You’ll never guess how much they were selling it for! Highway robbery! But of course, I still paid it.
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    23 Responses to “Cheetah-licious!”
    1. 1
      TopChamp says:

      It looks good – lots of glitz and sparkles. I’d have loved it too though clearly too old for such things!

    2. 2
      meredith says:

      Ok… .so why was Raven missing? Have the Girls lost her for good, or was there a prior engagement? I can’t see where you would WANT to miss a concert in Hawaii … Wow. That is just crazy to me.

      And I would have paid for that shirt, too. She looks so happy in it!

      I’m not sure what happened to Raven. I don’t think she was part of the tour at all. All the merchandise didn’t have her picture on it. However, at the concert they were showing videos on the big screen and they did show one of her songs. 

    3. 3
      Maribeth says:

      Girlie-girl looks so cute in that shirt it is definitely worth it!
      Glad you all had a good time. :smile:

    4. 4
      katkat says:

      No Raven! Oh well it still looked like fun!

    5. 5
      Carey says:

      Im glad you two had fun. GG looks really cute in her new T.
      Thanks for sharing.

    6. 6
      Ma says:

      Oh man! I wish I was home to take my granddaughter to see that. She loves them and would have been so thrilled! She likes eveything on Disney. Hannah Montana is another favorite.

    7. 7

      Sounds like you had fun!! My kids would love to see them!!

    8. 8
      Pamela says:

      oooooh sooo reminds me of when our youngest loved THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK

      AND WE TOOK her to Seattle and sat in the very top row of the Kingdome (now gone) and had the base just rumble our chests.

      We we’re so tired we had to pull our car over in a rest stop and sleep on the 5 HOUR trip home

      Oh my, but I’m sure it was totally worth it, right? The things we do for our kids!

    9. 9
      Christine says:

      Sounds like GG and you had a blast! I’m sure the T-Shirts,souvenirs, and food were way over priced, but the memories, priceless.

    10. 10
      Michelle says:

      Sad when a 12 year old wants to look like a “professional” woman :)

      Glad to hear I’m not the only one requiring a covered stomach these days.

    11. 11
      Sparky Duck says:

      yes but how do they ever replace raven??

    12. 12

      looks like a lot of fun!

    13. 13
      Tonya says:

      That sounds like so much fun. I think the closest they were or are coming to us is about two – three hours away. My daughters would love to go though!

      GG is sooooo cute!!!!

    14. 14

      I hear ya on these little girls dressing like that — yikes! It sounds like you had wayyyyy too much fun if GG had to tell you to chill! LOL! :lol:

    15. 15

      Oh, I’m so out of date – I’ve never even heard of the Cheetah Girls. They look awfully cute though :) and you took some great photos. Sweet Girlie Girl in her new t-shirt!

    16. 16
      Carrie says:

      Oh, my Maddy would have LOVED the show! Looks like GG is having fun!

    17. 17

      Miss Turtle would have loved to go to this.

      And I am with you on the hoochie momma dressing. No way in h*ll would that fly here.

    18. 18

      [...] Here at An Island Life, Girlie Girl and I spent some quality time together this past weekend. Find out what we did in Cheetah-licious! [...]

    19. 19

      Yes, the Cheetah Girls are well known at my house too! My Cid would have loved the concert. I’m totally with you on the dress though!

      Holly’s Corner
      Here via the Carnival of Family Life. ;o)

    20. 20
      jenn says:

      I love the pics, expensive T-shirt and all. How fun! You must be doing your job if she was embarrassed. some day she will embarrass her own kids and it will all come full circle.

    21. 21
      Lisa says:

      It looks like you guys had a great time.

    22. 22
      casapinka says:

      Hi. just reading through your blog – it’s hilarious!

    23. 23
      mar says:

      My niece would have loved the show!!


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