A New Competitive Sport

April 9, 2007 by Kailani  
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Did you know that Easter Egg Hunting is now a competitive sport?

Well, at least it sure seemed that way at the event we attended yesterday at our hotel in Maui.

The hotel divided the kids up into age groups to make it a little more fair for the younger ones. There were a total of 5 registered kids with Baby Bug being the youngest in her 0-3 group. Some of the parents noticed how small our group was and tried to sneak their older kids in. The organizers questioned the parents who insisited that they made a mistake when signing up their kids the day before. Since this is supposed to be a fun and happy event, the workers let them slide.

I also heard some other parents standing nearby plotting strategies with their children. “Okay, you should start at that corner since they seems to be more eggs there. Work your way down the hill. Grab as much as you can!”

Or how about those who tried to be sneaky and slowly work their way up to the front of the line even though they were last to arrive?

At first, this bothered me. But after a while, I had to laugh. Was getting the most eggs really that important to these families? I, for one, was there to have fun. If Baby Bug even got one egg, I’d be happy.

So when the hunt began, I just let Baby Bug wander around on her own pace while other parents practically knocked us over while running onto the grass, dragging their kids along. Maybe Baby Bug didn’t get as much eggs as the rest of the kids but she sure had a great time!

And that’s all that really matters.


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33 Responses to “A New Competitive Sport”
  1. 1
    Karen says:

    Wouldn’t ALL of the kids have more fun and be more polite about the whole thing if parents just stayed out of the way???

    What a way to take a fun time and turn it into something competitive.

    Shame on those parents!

  2. 2
    Michelle says:

    Love her little handlebars on her head, they’re really cute.

  3. 3
    Mommy the Maid says:

    I am so glad she had a great time! I cannot believe that some parent’s would be like that over an egg hunt. Now, I might go over some strategy with Miss Turtle as she always wants to figure out the best way to get the most eggs, but she is 8 and I always make sure that she is respectful to other people.

  4. 4
    Elizabeth says:

    Good story. It’s funny to watch other people enjoy “free” candy, isn’t it?

  5. 5
    Author Mom with Dogs says:

    Isn’t it amazing how some people can turn absolutely anything into a competition?! Looks like Baby Bug had a ball. And that’s what matters.

  6. 6
    Amy says:

    Way to go girl! You have the right attitude and your daughters will be evidence of that someday. They are learning that they don’t have to win everything. There are times to just go out and have fun, especially as a family! I agree with Karen! What are these parents teaching their children? Plus they are adding way too much pressure to these little ones. Okay, enough ranting!

    And who cares how many eggs you get when you are that adorable?!!! I’m glad she had a good time though. How about Girlie Girl?

  7. 7
    Lissete says:

    I’m telling you, stuff like that ticks me off, especially if they run over my kid. Then they wonder why their kids grow up to be rude adults! I’m glad Baby Bug had fun!

  8. 8
    Dana says:

    You are so correct…some people take that stuff way too seriously. Ya know, if I’m being totally honest, I think the competitive side of me wants my kiddo to get in there and get all he can (and I’m talking about at an older age…not at 0 to 3…and never at the expense of other children)…but then my better judgment takes over and I realize it is just as you say – just for fun and who cares who gets how many eggs anyway….She is sooo adorable! Love the pigtails.

  9. 9
    Heather L. says:

    Our egg hunt was similar. In the 4 and under group, some parents left their kids behind and took off to grab things (there were stuffed animals and eggs with black bottoms to turn in for big prizes). I’m kinda glad it was so cold here… at least the kids had padding on! :o )

  10. 10
    Debby says:

    We went to an egg hunt last year that was just like that. Gary and I thought it was funny after awhile. The parents were grabbing the eggs faster than the kids. Parents are so competitive with their children. What’s wrong with letting the kids have fun?
    By the way, that is a beautiful shot of Baby Bug! I just love her hair…she’s so cute!

  11. 11
    Irish Church Lady says:

    Ya gotta wonder sometimes!

    Awwww doesn’t Baby Bug look so cute with all her eggs in one basket! Great picture with the green green grass and the shadow of her and all. Gotta love green!

    And you survived the MIL? ;)

  12. 12
    momto3cubs says:

    Good grief, some parents. This goes along with the post I just read at MetroDad about parents taking things too seriously. I’m glad you and yours had a good time!

  13. 13
    katkat says:

    I saw a mommy smackdown over a teal egg with glitter. I still have nightmares.

  14. 14
    Pamela says:

    I could hear them snortin’ like pigs!!

  15. 15
    Desert Songbird says:

    Don’t even get me started on the egg hunt at church this year – pffft. The kids and parents were fine, but the youth group kids who put it on? That’s another story…

    Baby Bug look so cute and colorful with her dress and eggs. And I’m sure at her age she didn’t care how many eggs she had. The fun was all in the doing!

  16. 16
    Renee says:

    Baby Bug looks so cute there with her basket and cute hair.

    I’m appaled by those parents. I bet these are the same parents that get all offended when their “sweet little darling” gets plowed over in the older kids hunt. Wonder who taught those kids?

    Darly didn’t want to go to our Church egg hunt…she hasn’t gone in the last two years.

  17. 17
    rach says:

    Hi! It’s nice to see you’re back. Thank you for visiting and leaving nice comments on my blog.

    I know what you mean. Funny how some parents think of a fun activity as some sort of competition. I think talking about strategies is perfectly fine. I just don’t like the idea of kids getting hurt because of too much competition.

    Glad that despite the competition in the air, Baby Bug had a great time.

    On Yohan’s 3rd egg hunt, parents & nannies were allowed to help younger kids during their egg hunt. I saw how some parents were so intent on getting into the action of finding the most number of eggs. One kid, got 30 eggs, another one got 24 and some not less than 10 eggs. I helped Yohan during the egg hunt but we enjoyed our own pace and let him enjoy the idea of hunting for eggs without feeling pressured. We were only able to get 6 eggs … but we found the SILVER egg. It turned out it wasn’t about the number of eggs but whoever got the gold and silver eggs got the biggest prize of all. Yohan and I were so delighted to get a big prize – a large bag full of toys, books and goodies. :)

    BTW, you’re right about my photo hunt. It’s a kiddie hair salon. I brought Yohan there when he was a year old for his first hair cut and he has been going to the same salon ever since. They have cute “car seats” for the kids and some toys that children can play with while waiting for their turn. Everyone gets a treat like a lollipop after a haircut.

    Anyway, have a fabulous week ahead.

  18. 18
    BeachMama says:

    Sounds like the parents were more into the hunt than the kids. Good for you for not getting sucked in or for not letting them get to you. Baby Bug looks like she did OK and had a good time. Glad you had fun.

  19. 19
    Carey says:

    Oh its so true isn’t it? Some of these parents take the fun out of it for the kids..they can’t really compete against these grown-ups can they? Im glad too hear your daughter had fun. I love that picture of her and her basket of eggs. Shes just so cute!

  20. 20
    Jill says:

    Wow! Those parents really need to lighten up. The Boy had an Easter egg hunt with two of his cousins on Sunday and everyone laughed at how slow he was, and when he passed by eggs. I just said he was going for quality not quantity… lol

  21. 21
    Wendy says:

    I was worried the egg hunt we went to would be this way but it wasn’t, thank goodness! I can’t believe parents take it so seriously. Looks like she got quite a few eggs! Good for her and she probably had more fun than anyone else! Happy belated Easter!

  22. 22
    Waya says:

    Oh my lord! What’s next? “Let’s see whose baby fart the loudest” competition. Why does everything have to be a competition with these parents. Glad Baby Bug had fun, that’s the most important thing. And she looks adorable in that dress!!

  23. 23
    Twisted Cinderella says:

    I don’t understand why parents don’t just let their kids have fun? some people are just too intense and take things way to seriously!

  24. 24
    TopChamp says:

    looks like a fairly big basketful she has there! She is SO cute x

  25. 25
    jenn says:

    Some parents are so bad about things like that. They just don’t get it.
    We have a local egg hunt that’s going on 20 years here. This year the Easter Bunny had to HAND the eggs out, because there were so many kids last year who didn’t get ANY and the parents complained.

    Stupid people have ruined it for everyone else. We didn’t go to that one BTW – we have our own family one and make sure that everyone gets some.

    adorable picture, she looks so happy.

  26. 26
    Christine says:

    The same thing happened to Katelyn. She only found 2 eggs at our Home Owner’s Association Easter Party. There were 20 kids, and no age groups, it was a free for all, and she felt so bad. Not one parent offered to tell their children, let that little girl have that egg, you have so many, and she only has 2. You’re absolutely right, it should be just about having fun, not he who finds the most eggs WINS!!
    Very adorable pic. I can’t get over how fast she is growing.

  27. 27
    Holly Schwendiman says:

    Oh isn’t it the truth? Sad, but true. I think giving your kids time to enjoy things at their own pace is paramount. Good job mom!


  28. 28
    Melissa says:

    I’m so glad she had a good time! We were at an egg hunt one time where they split eveyone up like that… we actually had a mom almost knock my son down and then she blocked off this one corner and wouldn’t let any other kid in while her little snookums scooped up the eggs. Don’t these people know they can run to Target or WalMart and BUY candy? You don’t have to kill small children to get a taste… :)

  29. 29
    meredith says:

    Girl… THIS is why we will NEVER attend another public hunt ever again. Last year at a local church, it was a knock-down fest in the preschool division and the Monkey walked away with THREE …. eggs. Three. There were parents ALL over the place out there. Made me sick to my stomach.

  30. 30
    Angela says:

    Too bad some people have to make everything into a competition. I’m glad that Baby Bug had fun, regardless, and that you at least seem to have your priorities straight!

  31. 31
    DeputyHeadmistress says:

    I also quit attending public hunts and similar things years ago because of those sorts of parents. I also despise pinatas for the same reason.

  32. 32
    Julee says:

    Aren’t parents crazy? I’m glad you were able to chill out and relax and actually ENJOY your kids – Imagine that!!

  33. 33
    skeet says:

    It’s delightful to see Baby Bug looking so contented and oblivious to the rudeness around her. In future years she’ll start to notice. What in the world must children think when they see adults behaving so bady? Those parents should join a softball league and do their own competing and cheating instead of forcing their children to feed their greedy natures.

    Just starting my rounds for the Carnival of Family Life on Monday night! I know, I know, I’m embarrassingly late!


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