A Girl’s Guide to the Digital World

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When I think about school and my teenage years I don’t really remember the after school activities or the parties or trips to the mall. What I do remember – and clearly – is being bullied. Of course, bullying back then wasn’t as sophisticated as it is now. In the past, the bully had to actually confront you. In these technological days, you could be bullied and never even know who it was.

That’s why Dove is taking a stand against cyber-bullying by helping to educate young girls with “A Girl’s Guide to the Digital World“.

Cyberbullying. De-friending. Sexting. Mean Tweeting. To many moms and mentors, these terms may seem like a foreign language. To girls, however, these words represent a new concern that they have to deal with daily: digital drama. Girls’ self-esteem and confidence can be impacted immensely as they navigate social media and contend with these issues.

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With school back in session, I felt it was the right time to sit down and talk to Kacie about cyber-bullying. Even though she does not have a Facebook or Twitter account she is online a lot surfing the internet or playing on game sites. A lot of these game sites have the ability to chat with other players. Who knows if these kids are really who they say the are?

Reading the “A Girl’s Guide to the Digital World” gave me some really good information and ideas on how to approach each topic with Kacie. For example, one thing that I believe in is to stop and think before you hit that “send” button. Written words do not always portray your true feeling and it’s so important that you re-read what you typed to make sure that it won’t come across in the wrong way. We also talked about the image she wants to portray online. The guide says to “engage in good gossip. Make it a habit to say nice things about your friends online. And to their face!” So true.

After having this talk with Kacie I am confident that she’s ready for a new school year filled with fun, friends, and new adventures.

This post was sponsored by Dove. All opinions are my own.

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