I’m Still Rockin!

July 12, 2007

I’ve been selected again *blush* for the Rockin’ Girl Blogger Award!

This time my kind and generous awarders were Lulu’s Laundry and Snips & Snails. They both said some very nice things about me - which makes me wonder if they know me at all. ;-) They’re both regular reads of mine and I’m so fortunate to be able to call them bloggy friends. And check out the cool button that Lulu made just for me!

Now, does this mean I get to nominate even more bloggers for this award? Cool! This time I’d like to nominate some blogs for the . . .

  1. Sparky Duck @ Philly Transplant - Sparky Duck and I share a love for Wailea, Maui. It’s where he and Mrs.Duck spent their honeymoon! He’s currently on a quest to name one “hot babe” from every state. Must be a guy thing. Anyway, check out who will make it from your hometown!
  2. Mike @ Be A Good Dad - I met Mike through the Carnival of Family Life. He’s hosted numerous of times and even took the whole carnival over when I was in transition. He’s a Dad to twins, one boy and one girl, and is expecting a Taco Supreme in October! His son, Pookie, is a child with Autism. Because of this, Mike has decided to share his experiences and advice through various posts. Stop by and share in his wealth of knowledge.
  3. Kevin @ More4Kids - I also met Kevin through the Carnival of Family Life (see what great people you can meet here?). He’s hosted the carnival at his site a couple of times and was even generous enough to offer prizes to our participants. That kind of thoughtfulness is rockin’ in my books! He and Julie run More 4 Kids - an educational website for parents.
  4. hello! yoshi - I met Yoshi through Tiggerrprr’s Scratching Post. They would leave these hilarious comments on each other’s blog which reminded me of siblings. Then I found out tha