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February 1, 2007


Well, well, one of you sneaky buggers nominated me for the Happiest Blog at the Share the Love Blog Awards.

Whoever you are (and I have my suspicions), thank you very much for this honor.

This is how it works. Voting will be from now till the 6th where 5 finalist from each category will be chosen. The final voting will be from Feb 7th - 13th.

There are a whole bunch (vote for me) of really great bloggers (vote for me) that have been nominated (vote for me), so please (vote for me) take the time to stop over there and vote (for me), even if it’s not for me (vote for me). It won’t take very long (vote for me). And you’ll be helping to (vote for me) make the blogosphere a better place (vote for me). hee! hee!

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Aloha from Misslionheart, Kathleen Marie, Michelle, Jill, Janice (5 Minutes for Mom), Sparky Duck, WendyWings, Sanni, Sanitybreak, Anne, Stacitee, Linda Freedman (TherapyDoc), Rach, Holly Schwendiman, Sonny, Amy, Waya, BeachMama, Pass the Torch, Katkat, Christine, Sam, Ma, Desert Songbird, Meredith, Renee, Mary (Mert), Pamela, Carey, Jackie, Carmen, Lisa, Tiggerprr, and Michelle

35 Comments on “Happy Happy Joy Joy”

February 1, 2007
12:11 pm

Michelle said:

Congratulations on your nomination! I’m new-ish to your blog, but I’d say Happiest blog is pretty fitting, good luck!

Thank you for stopping by and for commenting! Now I can go and check out your site! Here I come!


tiggerprr said:

That’s so awesome and well-deserved! :) Kudos to you! Good luck!


Lisa said:

That is fantastic. Many congrats on the nomination.


carmen said:

For some reason, I feel strangely compelled to go vote for you. Hmmmmm. ;)

Gee, I have no idea why! (vote for me . . . vote for me . . . vote for me) LOL!


Jackie said:

Congrats :smile:

I love happy blogs. Too much depressing stuff around these days so great to have one to uplift my spirits.


Carey said:

Way to go! Good luck…you’ve got my vote.
p.s. I was nominated too for a “blog you will keep reading”.


Pamela said:

I wish I could vote 100 times for you


Mary (Mert) said:

OMG, you crack me up. I had this sudden urge to vote for you… but it was before I even read this post. :O)


Renee said:

thanks for the nomination! :grin:


meredith said:

Do I HAVE to? ;)


Desert Songbird said:

Of course you were nominated for happiest blog - you deserve it! As soon as I can get in to the doggone voting site, your wish is my command!

Oh, as if you didn’t already know (snicker, giggle) I’ve been nominated for “Blogger You’d Most Like to Meet” and I’m up against our friend tiggerprr - ack!


Ma said:

Right on, Sista! I shall go and vote for the local girl. Us guys have to stick together! Congratulations!!


sam said:

congratulations on the nomination!!! i’m on my sisters laptop (and i dont like it LOL) Just figured i’d stop in and say hi :)

Hey Sam! Since I don’t know when you’ll be online, I’ll send you some snail mail!


Christine said:

It wasn’t me!:wink: Honest!
You’re one of the Happiest blogs in the WWW ( Whole Wide Web).
Congrats…..and good luck!


katkat said:

Very cool! I’m waiting til the 2nd to put you in th Best of the Blog awards.

*blushing* Thank you! I’ll have to go and check out that one, too!


Pass the Torch said:

Congratulations!! You’re so deserving!


BeachMama said:

Congratulations!! You are indeed the Happiest Blogger, you would have fit in a few more categories too. You got my vote!

And I have been nominated too, surprise, surprise ;) for best writing, thank you!


Waya said:

You’re killing me, you’re so funny!! You certainly had my vote!! I hope you’ll win!!

You do know that you’re nominated, too, right?


amy said:

Thanks for letting me know….I had no idea! How neat! I can’t believe someone would nominate me! I went and voted. :-)


Sonny said:

mmmh, I don’t know why, but I have the very strong feeling to vote for you…. :wink:


Holly Schwendiman said:

Well we know you’re clearly deserving of the title and award so my vote is cast! Hope you sweep it. ;o) I’m teetering on having to add more anti-spam tactics as it’s exploded lately. Has this helped you?

Holly’s Corner

I still get all the spam held in moderation but at least they don’t get through into comments any more.


rach said:

I visited Ma’s blog earlier and she mentioned you. I just casted my vote for you, Ma and other blog friends.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!


Linda Freedman (TherapyDoc) said:

Who could be more deserving?


stacitee said:

I voted for you!

February 3, 2007
12:52 pm

Anne said:

I was put on the list too


sanitybreak said:

Welcome roomie.

Your room is ready, mint on your pillow, painted the walls to cover the claw marks (tiggerprr scratching post was the last renter) and bunch of bannana and a bowl of poi await you.

I hope you enjoy your stay.


Sanni said:

I´ve voted for you - and guess what I found out:
I´m nominated for Best Design and didn´t know about it - LOL

February 3, 2007
11:30 pm

WendyWings said:

Hey LONG time no see, I couldn’t find you and didn’t get the memo to say where you had moved to :(
Nice to finally catch up !


Sparky Duck said:

well, you are a happy blog, so i may or may not have voted for ya :twisted:


Sparky Duck said:

and in answer to your question -NO


Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said:

CONGRATS! - heading over there now…


Jill said:

Congratulations on winning the 5 Minutes for Mom contest! I’m so jealous :-p


Michelle said:

LOL! Talk about subliminal messaging!

I’m feeling–inexplicably–drawn to vote for Local Girl . . . can’t . . . resist . . . much . . . longer :)

February 5, 2007
10:27 pm

Kathleen Marie said:

Cute! Yes, I can see you are a happy place! Congratulations!

February 5, 2007
11:48 pm

Misslionheart said:

Well done! Now come over to me and post a comment!!! :cool:

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