Bloggy Hoss Elections Finalists

July 6, 2007

Thank you to everyone who nomiated some really great bloggers for the 2007 Bloggy Hoss Elections. Here are the finalists based on the number of nominations they received.

Most Athletic

  1. The Ice Box
  2. Crazy Bloggin Canuck
  3. Ramblings From Life

Class Clown

  1. Pediascribe (Karen’s Blog)
  2. Full Plate
  3. Almost Somewhat Positive


  1. Welcome To My World of Dreams
  2. A Dingo’s Got My Barbie
  3. Penless Writer

Most Popular

  1. Just Mom’s Musings
  2. Pioneer Woman
  3. Notes from the Trenches

Most Likely To Succeed

  1. Daring Young Mom
  2. Get Your Blog On!
  3. Blog Blah Blah

Most Artistic

  1. Spirittibee
  2. Dandelion Mama
  3. s.m.ART

Head Cheerleader

  1. Anniethology
  2. Sunshine’s Blog
  3. 5 Minutes for Mom

Nicest Personality

  1. Boo Mama
  2. Serious Mumbo Jumbo
  3. Temporary Insanity

Most Talkative

  1. Pensieve
  2. Bloggin with Lori B!
  3. Mejojac’s Memos

Best Looking (Site Design)

  1. Yellow Rose’s Garden
  2. Diary of Nello
  3. Everyday Mommy

I will try to contact all these bloggers but if you know any of them, please give them a heads-up on being a finalist. Voting will begin on Saturday, July 7th and run till Tuesday, July 10th. I will be posting voting polls beginning tomorrow. Please take some time now to visit some of these great bloggers!

Winners will be announced on July 11th.

BTW, thank you to all of you who nominated me for various catergories. I am truly honored! However, I don’t think I should participate since it is my contest! *wink*

Aloha for stopping by Melody, Sprittibee, Pamela, HLiza, Lori, MamaLee, Renee, Patti, Mcewen, Heather, Lori, Rachel, Jenny, Rach, Kathleen Marie, YellowRose, Mary, Daring one, Stacey, Annie, Susan - Penless Writer, Mel