Miley Cyrus Has a New Boyfriend

October 26, 2008

And he’s 20 years old!

Now, my husband and I have a bigger age gap than that but when you’re only 15 years old, it just isn’t right. That wholesome image she tried so hard to project, the image that parents around the world thought provided a great role model for their daughters, I feel, is quickly disappearing.

Apparently, both their families approve of their “friendship” but I would definitely not be comfortable with my teen-aged daughter hanging out with a 20 year old underwear model.

Am I the only one who thinks this is wrong?

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37 Comments on “Miley Cyrus Has a New Boyfriend”


Krista said:

She (and her parents) lost all credibility for me with that Vanity Fair shoot. that is not something you let a 15 year old do. Sorry.
Plus I’m not really into the “latest big hit” thing either. I’m hoping to keep my kid(s) away from that if possible… if possible. They’ll be just as deprived as I was… ;)


Linda said:

Your looking at the girl point a view i guess, but would you alowe it if he was your son?
I don’t look at the thing that she’s a ’star’ but in a normal family.
I think it’s verry disturbing that people have different rules for whats good for girls and good for boys.

Take care

October 26, 2008
10:14 pm

Liza's Eyeview said:

I think it’s wrong - like what you said - because she’s 15! But it’s a personal opinion - I just wouldn’t be comfortable with that situation if she’s my daughter…. (sigh!)

October 27, 2008
12:29 am

Loralynn said:

I agree that she is quickly losing her “shining example” reputation. Shame on her parents for allowing this. I would never let my Daughter date someone that much older at such a young age. As far a it being a double standard, I wouldn’t let my 15 year old SON date a 20 year old WOMAN either!

October 27, 2008
12:52 am

Alexis said:

Age isn’t a difference when people are older. But 15 and 20. Over my dead body. That is just asking for trouble.


AmyG said:

Oh man, I’m so disappointed to hear that! You’re right, age isn’t that big of a deal, unless you’re only 15! I had/have high hopes for her. I hope she keeps herself pure, in all areas.


Sheila said:

It’s really a shame that she’s considered a role model for our young girls in this country. I feel bad for those young girls who do NOT have parents to show them what ‘is wrong with that picture’ and tell them this is not acceptable.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have my 15 year old (who used to be a Miley fan) see it for herself when all this Miley mania started about a year ago (her risky behavior)

I remind my own daughter (who’s ‘going to make it big in Hollywood one day’) of WHY I won’t let her be a child star (that’s her one dream). The few that make it through it are a far contrast to those who fall flat on their face.


Cathi said:

When Britt was in HS she dated a lovely young man from a family we were close to. He was only a year older however, when he turned 18 and was in college, I was a bit weird with Britt only being 17 even though she was a senior in HS. Head games!


Cathi said:

I was okay after whe turned 17. It was when she was still 16 that I didn’y like it!!


Ginny said:

I agree, 5 years is fine but not when you are only 15. Did you see the picture where he was on stage & she has her tongue out at him licking her lips. After seeing that picture, any hope that she is still the good girl she claims was lost on me.

I’m kind of bummed, I had hopes for her. My girls really like her & it seemed that she had her head on her shoulders.


TheAngelForever said:

Age gaps do not bother me when both of the people involved are adults. Miley Cyrus is not an adult and it looks like the ones in her life are not helping her to make some better decisions in her life.

I have to say that having two little boys I am not too into following her, but still know all of the latest.


Summer said:

Five years difference at those ages is like 30 years. Their maturity levels and the things they’ve experienced are so vastly different. I wouldn’t let my son date a 15 year old and I wouldn’t let my daughter date a 20 year old.


Pamela Kramer said:

You’re not alone!
And if it were my son I would be just as freaked out.


Alexia said:

I think Summer said it well…it’s not so much the difference in years as the difference in maturity levels. I for sure would not be allowing it!


Desert Songbird said:

I just don’t understand this family. I don’t get it.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said:

Yeah at that age I definitely have to agree - 15 and 20 are soooooo different.


Renee said:

I would be worried on both parts about the legal problems this could bring up…she is a minor…he isn’t!
If she were 18 I wouldn’t mind the age difference so much.

And yeah, I think this is yet another story of hollyweird making a good girl go bad. I’m very disappointed in her parents.

I’m so glad that my dd isn’t into all the teenie bopper groups. She hears them and thinks it’s cute music, but would rather listen to what I’m playing on the radio. She thinks the Jonas Brothers are ugly and hates their music. LOL!


Tamy ~ 3 Sides of Crazy said:

Unfortunately she is not the first young role model to fall from grace. It is quite disappointing though, I was hoping she was the one that would make a difference.


Muthering Heights said:

I agree…there is a HUGE maturity difference between 15 and 20! I would not sanction a relationship between my own daughter and a boy that much older than her at that age!


Sarah said:

I am really not surpised. HM is not a good show and after the photo shoot, well let’s just say nothing about Hollywood surprises me anymore. These are not normal people they live the way they want to live and it saddens me that these are people who claim to be Christian but yet their lives say otherwise. She is not a role model for my young daughters and I can’t stand seeing the HM all over the stores, it was hard enough to find modest, dresses and shirts but now it’s near impossible. Look at those shorts she is wearing, those wouldn’t even be allowed in schools around here (thankfully we homeschool). As for differences between boys and girls, for us it is a Biblical mandate that there are differences and we are made different, much to the chagrin of the feminist movement, we are not genderless drones created the same way and with the same ability. Would I let my 20 year old son date a 15 year old, no but then again I don’t agree with dating anyway and hopefully when it comes time for our oldest (she is only 6) my husband will be more comfortable with courtship. Dating only leads to heartbreak and giving parts of yourself away (not just physical either) that should be saved only for your spouse. My opinion won’t be popular and that is fine, I knew it wouldn’t be when Christ changed me life :D


matt said:

Hopefully she’s not getting any private sessions of the photo shoot.


matt said:

Hopefully she’s not getting any private sessions of the photo shoot.


Carey said:

No Im in agreement. I think my daughter will be in 9th grade when she is 15. Just starting high school. A 20 year old has already been somewhat out in the world for 2 years. No thanks..I would not approve.


HeatherY said:

I agree with all the other ladies. When your an adult, the age thing isn’t a big deal. I don’t see what a 15yo and a 20yo have in common. I’m not sure if it’s true but I heard a rumor that he actually move in with the family (again it was a rumor). I think Hollywood standards are just so different from the real world with what is acceptable behavior.


Dee said:

I saw some photos of the boyfriend where he was drinking , carrying on and sticking middle finger. Totally inappropriate, I know you took Girlie Girl to her concert.


Wendy said:

What a shame that another child star is quickly falling into adulthood before her time. She is heading down the same road as Britney Spears and we all know how that turned out.


Gina said:

I have to agree with you. But when I was that age I’d be all for it too…

Here’s the thing, her parents just don’t care, the age thing gets her publicity and in turn makes her (and them) money, so why care? Integrity goes out the window it seems when your a ‘child star’. Looks like a future Britney Spears on our hands…


Kila said:

So wrong… and illegal!


Sandier Pastures said:

And didn’t you know? the model bf is living with the Cyrus family now but with a condition that Miley’s bedroom door is kept open! Duh!!


Melissa Markham said:

If you google Miley Cyrus Boyfriend, you will find that in June she was dating a 22 year old back up dancer! And at least two boyfriends before that, including Nick Jonas, and now this guy.

I had to laugh when I read one article where she was quoted as saying something along the lines of ‘after all I have been through in the last two years, I have learned to go into a relationship with an open mind’. She’s only 15!

Disney reined her in on one relationship when some racy photos were released and I imagine as long as she is under contract with them, they have some control over what she does. Hopefully, Billy Ray will step up and take a hand in what she is doing before Disney gives up. IT is easy for parents to believe their children are more responsible and mature than they are, hopefully Miley’s parents will see the light before the train hits them.


Renée aka Mekhismom said:

This is not right. I think that in Hollywood people get away with things that mainstream society would frown upon if it happened in our neighborhoods. The maturity level at 15 is completely different than 20. My mother would have had a fit if I tried to date someone five years older than me at that age.


Aimee said:

I have a feeling that in their situation it might be a bit different since she is part of “Hollywood”. Not that it makes it right, but I think she isn’t the usual 15 year old girl. She has probably had to mature faster than most her age…

But on the other hand, what would a 20 year old guy want with a 15 year old girl? It’s more strange that he would want to date someone that much younger than he is (at that time of life, as we get older it’s not that different). I mean, what does a college aged person have in common with a high school aged person?

But yes, it is very sad to see another girl bite the dust and lose her wholesome image. It seems impossible for anyone to keep a wholesome image and be famous. Very sad.


BlapherMJ said:

I hate to say it, but it’s like “an accident waiting to happen”. It’s sad to see another child star “moving in the wrong direction”….

October 28, 2008
10:48 am

Rebecca C said:

I think it is totally wrong. I heard a rule somewhere and I believe it applies to EVERYONE.

You cannot date anyone who is younger than half your age +7.

So I am 28 : 28/2 = 14 + 7 = 21

So I can’t date anyone under the age of 21 without being creepy

This guy is creepy by dating a 15 year old.


Pamela said:

I agree.
How close is she to being 16 anyway.
It all started with that horrible photo spread.


Modernmommy said:

This is one example why I will not encourage my daughter to watch these Disney shows because I don’t want one of these girls to be her role model. It seems like they always grow up to be a bad influence, and not that they aren’t allowed to live they’re own life but I just don’t like that they start out so innocent and then when they grow up they are crazy. Not saying that Miley Cyrus is crazy but she very well could be headed that way.


CoolProducts said:

I am 21. Could I even imagine myself dating a 16 year old? Of course not! Even if it was someone famous, I wouldn’t be able to make myself come to dating someone who was so much younger than me, in ratio terms. Now, I had heard about this last week and was shocked. Is this kind of thing not illegal?

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