Hartz Angry Birds Pet Toys Review

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It’s the holiday season and gift giving is in bloom!  Hartz wants to make your pet’s holiday season one to remember with their new line of Angry Birds dog and cat toys.  Now wouldn’t it be nice to let our pets in on the Angry Bird craze?  With a variety of fun toys in this line to choose from, your pet will thank you with plenty of purrs or tail wags!

Hartz has been creating quality pet product for over 80 years, and one of the things they are known for are their wonderful and affordable pet toys.  This Angry Birds line is no exception!  You can find this line at mass merchandisers across the nation such as Walmart, grocery stores, and online retailers like Walmart.com and Amazon.com.

In a recent poll, 7 out of 10 pet owners wish they had more time to play with their pets.

Hartz Angry Birds Toy Line:

Angry Birds Plush Ball:  This 4″ plush ball dog toy comes to life with real Angry Birds game sounds!  Choose from the Red Bird, the Yellow Bird, or the Green Pig.  Also available is the smaller 2.5″ version for little dogs.

Angry Birds Tuff Stuff Flyer:  This dog toy is double-sided, featuring a red bird on one side and a green pig on the other.  Constructed of super-durable ballistic nylon and double stitched seams, this toy can stand up to even the toughest chewers.

Angry Birds Hard Heads:  Dogs will appreciate the long-lasting, fun chew experience with these three Angry Bird characters.  Each latex toy is equipped with a squeaker and will entertain your pup for hours.

Angry Birds Two Headed Dog Toy:  It’s two fun Angry Bird characters built into one with this two headed dog toy.  Plush and perfect for playing tug of war with your pup, this toy also has a squeaker built into the middle for endless fun.

Angry Birds, Birds Gone Crazy:  A popular cat toy, Birds Gone Crazy will give your feline companion the opportunity to swat, chase, and hunt little Angry Birds and Green Pigs, while the bell inside keeps them coming back for more!

Angry Birds Wand:  An interactive toy that provides hours of fun for you and your cat.  The wand features the Red Bird and Green Pig, along with feathers and bells.

Angry Birds Running Bird:  Cats are natural born hunters.  Stimulate their predatory instinct with the catnip refillable Running Bird.  Just pull the toy’s tail to make it shake and vibrate across the floor, just daring your cat to pounce and play.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Hartz, I had the wonderful opportunity to try these toys out with my own kitties and pup!  Above is a picture of the wonderful items I received including a Hartz brand tote, an Angry Birds Tuff Stuff Dog Toy, an Angry Birds Cat Wand, an Angry Birds Hard Heads Dog Toy, and an Angry Birds Two Headed Dog Toy.

As a personal fan of the Angry Birds games, I love the idea of making pet toys that are just as fun!  I have been playing these toys with my kitties and dog for a couple days now, and we are still having so much fun with them.  The toys are made with the highest quality that comes from Hartz products and the prices are affordable.  These would make perfect holiday gifts for any pet out there!

This is our kitty “Cutie” playing with the Angry Birds Cat Wand

Here is our dog Papi posing with the Angry Birds Two Headed Dog Toy – If you can’t tell, he hates having his photo taken!

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*Disclaimer:  I was provided samples from the above named company in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and are not a result of any outside influence.


Celebrate the Holidays with Martha Stewart and PetSmart Review

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It’s the season for giving, so let’s not forget our furry friends!  PetSmart has everything you need to make sure your pets have a wonderful, fun filled holiday season with toys, treats, clothing, and more!

Martha Stewart has teamed up with PetSmart for a line of pet clothing and toys that are a must see!  With the Martha Stewart name attached, you can be assured that these products are quality made.  You’ll also love the designs of these beautifully crafted clothing and toys that have that personal Martha touch!

Martha Stewart Pets “Jingle Bird”

Martha Stewart Pets “Snowflake Sweater”

* The Martha Stewart clothing line for dogs comes in sizes X-Small to Large.  *

Check Out This Commercial About Martha Stewart PetSmart Products!


Know someone with a lovable furry friend that would like to own some of these Martha Stewart pet products?  PetSmart offers gift cards and e-gift certificates!

PetSmart was gracious enough to send me a Martha Stewart dog toy and dog sweater for review.  I couldn’t wait to get this adorable and warm sweater on our dog Papi.  It’s been in the low 30′s where I live and I knew this would make him one happy pup!

The Martha Stewart dog sweater I received came in a size medium, which fit Papi perfectly.  The quality put into this sweater is wonderful!  I love the cute button accents along the sides.  He now looks so comfy and warm.  We give this sweater two paws up!

The Martha Stewart dog toy we received was a red Sweater Sock Monkey Toy.  Papi has been having me play fetch with him with this toy.  He loves it!  One of my girls even asked me if they could keep the toy because they liked that it was a sock monkey.  I had to explain it was for Papi, but I admit it is adorable!  Papi and I also give this product two paws up!

Connect With PetSmart and their Martha Stewart Pet Line:

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*Disclosure:  I received samples from the above named company in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and are not a result of any outside influence.


Hill’s Science Diet Age Defying Cat Food Review

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As your cat becomes a senior it’s diet needs change.  Hill’s Science Diet Age Defying Cat Food has just the specialized formula your senior cat needs to live a healthy and happy life.  Hill’s Science Diet provides tailored nutrition that helps fight the effects of aging, enhances digestion, defends the body and brain against aging, and promotes soft skin and a healthy, radiant coat.  This formula is designed specifically for cats ages 11+.

Hill’s Science Diet invites you to take their quiz to find out how old your cat really is by answering a few quick questions!  The results may surprise you.  Find out your cat’s true age, as well as get access to tips and coupons by clicking here.

Enter To Win!

Hill’s Science Diet not only wants to help your cat feel healthy and young, they also want to give away a wide selection of prizes!  Right now you can log onto the Hill’s Science website and enter to win for prizes such as a Canyon Ranch Spa Resort Vacation, Spa Gift cards, Drinkwell Fountains, FURminator deShedding tools, All In One Scratchers, and Free Science Diet Food Coupons.  Get in on the chance to win here!  Giveaway ends:  January 1, 2012

Thanks to Hill’s Science Diet, I had the amazing opportunity to try their Age Defying Senior Cat Formula with my own cat “Mama’s”.  Mama’s is our 12 year old senior cat whom our family loves dearly.  When I heard about this opportunity I was very interested to see what this formula of cat food had to offer compared to other brands on the market.

If there’s one thing I am interested in, its keeping Mama’s as healthy and happy as can be!  Our family wants her around for as long as possible, and Hill’s Science Diet Age Defying Cat Food promises to help you make it all possible.  One thing I liked right away was the small pieces.  Mama’s is older and seems to be getting sensitive teeth in her old age, as most cats do.  The small pieces enable her to enjoy her food without tooth pain, as well as have an easier time digesting her food.

{ Mama’s enjoying her new Age Defying cat food! }

 { Don’t worry: I didn’t let her eat it all at once, lol! }

I love that Hill’s Science Diet Age Defying Cat Food helps fight the effects of aging in as little as 30 days!  She’s getting a little portly as well in her old age, and Hill’s has a formula that keeps digestion up and weight regulated.  Just what Mama’s needs!

We’ve been on the formula about a week now and Mama’s has taken to the change in cat food amazingly well.  I am very interested to continue this food and see how she improves.  I’m also excited to see how this formula improves her skin and coat, which Hill’s promises a great improvement on.  I feel really good about providing her with a cat food that is tailored just for her age.  We’ve had no problems whatsoever with this food so far, and I would recommend it to any cat owner of a senior cat.  Mama’s and me give it two thumbs up!

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* Disclosure:  I was provided a sample from the above named company in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and are not a result of any outside influence.


Costume Discounters Easter Costumes Review

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About Costume Discounters

Costume Discounters is the place to find everything you could possibly need to suit your costume needs and tastes! With over 10,000 products, Costume Discounters has a huge variety of items for the entire family, including adult, child, infant/newborn costumes and accessories, and, of course, pet costumes!

Not only can you rest assured you are dressing your entire family in quality costume gear, but you will also receive the lowest price on the internet. Costume Discounters are so sure they have the lowest prices that they guarantee it! If, by chance, you ever find a costume at a lower price, they will match the lowest price and take another 20% off! You really can’t beat that!

Order with confidence from the Costume Discounters secure checkout and receive your items very quickly. Any order placed before 3pm EST on any weekday will be shipped the same day. Then, you can track your package through their online tracking program!

My Thoughts

I have seen reviews for Costume Discounters in the past and they were all positive. I couldn’t wait to give them a try myself! Iordered the Elite Little Bunny Costume in a Toddler Size Large (18mo-2T)! The costume comes complete with a zip-up jumpsuit with floppy ears, cotton tail, plush carrot and booties! I love dressing Mr. Liam up in costumes and, just looking at this costume, I could tell it would be absolutely adorable.

This is about the best picture I managed to click of the little man, who was not at all happy about the impromptu photo shoot right before nap time. Liam has a disorder that makes his head abnormally large so, I am always worried about hats, and costumes fitting properly, but this costume fit perfectly! There was actually plenty of room so, this will fit him for months to come, maybe even for Halloween, too! Big Brother (4 yrs old) had to try on the bunny ears and it was roomy enough to fit his head also.

Isn't this hilarious?

The costume was, by far, the softest costume I think we’ve ever gotten! It’s warm for the cool spring and fall months, but breathable kids don’t get overheated. In the pictures you don’t see the cute little booties so, I took a picture. They are so cute and a bit big, which made them easy to slip over his shoes. In addition, the costume came with a cotton carrot, too. It was so soft, Liam kept hugging it and saying, “Awww”!

We were very impressed with the fast shipping and the costume itself. After ordering, we received it only a few days later, packaged very well. I highly recommend Costume Discounters for your costume needs! They have a great variety of costumes for any holiday or occasion. We are getting Liam’s Easter pictures in his bunny costume since it’s so adorable.

Buy It

Ready to make your first purchase? You can buy the Elite Bunny Costume for only $49.97 or check out other costumes at great prices by clicking HERE!

This post was written for Costume Discounters who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review.



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