Eco-Friendly Playsets by Magicforest

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My kids love playing with storyboards and playsets that allow them to develop their own characters and storylines. So we’re always pleased to review new ways to encourage creativity. This is exactly the case with the Magicforest Play Set Family ($33).

When we received our Play Set Family, the girls were thrilled to see that it involved a wedding scene. We opened up the box and found all of the non-toxic, eco-friendly pieces inside.

At first I was a little wary and overwhelmed by the sight of all these pieces but found that they were really easy to detach and put together. For the smaller holes that I needed to punch out I used a chopstick which worked perfectly.

The pieces fit well together using tabs and sticky backs. I did have to help Kiana (9 years old) along the way since the instructional diagram was a little confusing for her.

However, if you just look at the colored picture on the box you’ll be able to follow along easier. It took a total of 20 minutes to construct the whole thing. What I would recommend is not sticking the wedding aisle onto the platform since you’ll then have to store the whole thing as one piece.

Once we were done, the girls couldn’t wait to start playing. They had fun giving names to all the people, coming up with various stories on how the bride and groom met, as well as different versions of the wedding ceremony.

It kept them occupied all afternoon and I really enjoyed listening to their imaginative storylines.

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This post was written for Magicforest who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review.



Back-to-School with Post-it

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Who would have thought that one day Post-it would be on your child’s school supply shopping list? I noticed it last year on my eldest daughter’s list and this year all 3 of my children are required to purchase them for school. I have to say that I’m not surprised . . . Post-it has always been a very versatile item in my family and we use them for lots of things. We leave notes for each other, we mark our places in books, we label boxes, we draw pictures on them and stick them to the wall . . . the uses go on and on and on.

However, Post-it have come a long way from being just a square sticky piece of paper. These days you can get them in all kinds of shapes and colors as well as other office and school equipment. Check it out . . .

Post-it Dry Erase Surface

Enhance brainstorms and creative thinking, daily communication and/or group projects and studying! This instant flexible, whiteboard solution has an adhesive backing that can be cut to size and applied to smooth surfaces like desks, tables, walls, etc., providing an easy solution for visual thinkers working through a complex problem whether in school or the office.

Priced from $22.99; available in 4 sizes

Post-it Flags and Tabs, Pattern Collection

Organize important papers and mark important information in style with Post-it Flags and Tabs in on-trend patterns such as Gingham, Geo and Stripes. Mark sections of newspapers, magazine pages, recipes in cookbooks, homework and more!

Priced from $4.99

Post-it Super Sticky Printed Calendar and Post-it Super Sticky List Note with Magnet

Personalize your space with trendy desk and backpack accessories in chic camouflage and gold or mint chevron designs. Calendars stick practically anywhere, with a space for notes and activities to stay organized. List Pads are great for daily to-do lists and jotting down important reminders.

Priced from $5.99

And our favorite . . . Post-It Die Cut Notes and Heart/Star Shaped Notes

What we really like about these sticky notes are that they’re colorful and fun! Leaving notes for each other takes on a whole new dimension when we get to write on these cute Post-It. In fact, I think the girls leave me messages purposely so that they can write on these fun shapes. Hey, gotta like that!

So whether you’re out shopping for school supplies or just stocking up for home Post-it has lots of options for your whole family!

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This was written for Post-it who provided the information and complimentary product in exchange for this post.



It’s a Plush . . . It’s a Backpack . . . It’s Petsac!

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In the past, we’ve had stuffed animals turn into other objects but never into something so practical. Introducing . . . Petsac. Brand new on the WalMart shelves, Petsac ($19.99) is a cuddly furry animal that turns into a full-sized (770 cubic inches) backpack. See how it works.

When we first received our Catpuccino the Kitty there were two things that I immediately noticed. First, the plush animal was super soft with flexible arms and legs. This made the kitty that much more cuddly. Second, the furry animal was smaller than I thought it would be. How in the world does a backpack fit into that little kitty body?

To remove the backpack, all we had to do was unzip the animal’s back by lifting up it’s tail (the kids found this to be hilarious).

Then we just pulled out the entire nylon backpack.

That’s it! What I really liked was the nylon material because it’s so lightweight and it holds it’s shape well despite being tightly stored in the plush’s body.

The backpack itself could surprisingly hold a lot. They’re was room for Kaila’s books, school snacks, and even her jacket with room to spare. The straps were adjustable and comfortable which made toting the backpack around enjoyable.

I couldn’t believe what a great idea this was. Not only do my girls get to bring along a furry pet on car rides and outings but it also allows them to carry their own books and toys as well. I definitely like that idea!

Petsac comes in 9 different animals . . . dog (3 breeds), monkey, tiger, panda, kitty, bear and baby lion . . . and 6 different nylon fabrics . . . so your child is sure to find a Petsac to love. Mine did!


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This post was written for PetSac who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review.




Build & Imagine . . . Day at the Beach

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If there’s one thing my family loves it’s toys that are not only fun but educational as well. Weather it’s academic, imaginative or artistic . . . if the kids are learning something while playing then it’s definitely a hit with me. That’s why I was very interested in learning more about the magnetic play-sets by Build & Imagine.

What makes the Build & Imagine play-sets so different is that they’re magnetic. We received the Day at the Beach set ($49.99) which came with 6 square panels and 4 triangular ones as well as 2 dolls and 40+ magnetic accessories.

What I really liked is the way they were packaged into the box. There are slots which hold the panels perfectly for easy organizational storage. And since the pieces are flat, we can also just place them in a storage bag and take them to Grandma’s house.

I also noticed at how bright and colorful the panels were. When you place the magnetic accessories onto them you almost can’t tell which one is the magnet and which one is a part of the printed scenery. To add even more imaginative play, 2 of the panels have either a plastic double door or a window that actually opens.

Each side of each panel is magnetic which means there are pretty much countless ways to design your structure. It was interesting to see just how many ideas my girls could come up with. And boy, are those magnetic sides strong. Definitely essential when building masterpieces. Nothing worse than trying to construct something that keeps falling apart.

However, the best part is how much fun my girls had. Not only did they have a blast coming up with different shaped play areas but once they were done they could now use the dolls and accessories to come up with their own storylines.



I couldn’t believe how long this play-set kept them occupied . . . and working together.

I can tell that this is something that they won’t get bored with any time soon. In fact, they’ve been playing with their Build & Imagine play-set every single day since. And that’s saying a lot considering their bedroom looks like a “Toys R Us”. :-)

Connect with Build & Imagine

This post was written for Build & Imagine who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review.


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