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Got Free ECards ($25 Giveaway)

With Father’s Day coming up fast, now is the time to get all that last minute shopping done. Got Free Ecards would like to make your gift giving a little easier by offering Free Father’s Day Ecards and Free Printable Cards for everyone! There are no hidden costs to send or receive their animated ecards, [...]

Happy Birthday Girlie Girl!

12 invitations sent out
5 “yes” rsvps
Do you know how many kids actually showed up?
So lame.
Anyway, enough about that.
So, today was Girlie Girl’s 7th birthday and we decided to have it at Lisa Rose Tea House and Doll Room. We’ve gone to other princess-type party places before but none of them can compare to Lisa Rose. [...]

Milk Does Not Do A Body Good?

Well, I guess when you’re drinking 8+ glasses a day, it doesn’t.
According to our pediatrician, Baby Bug is drinking too much milk which is causing her to be chubby. Chubby! That’s the exact word she used to describe my little girl! However, I guess that’s pretty mild considering at Baby Bug’s 1st year check-up she [...]

2009 Valentine’s Day Goody Swap

The winner of the Hawaiian Gift Pack is #31 Heather Ingram. Congratulations Heather!

I love Valentine’s Day. Everything is so pink and red and flowery. I love candy and roses and romantic songs.
However, ever since having kids, DH and my views of this love day has changed. [...]