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Welcome Home to the Carnival of Family Life

I’m so happy that my baby - The Carnival of Family Life - is home, even if it’s only for a little while. It’s only been a short time since I let her go off and spread her wings with her new home at Colloquium but I do miss her some times.
Anyway, I wanted to [...]

It’s A Cyber Baby Shower!

And you’re all invited!
Pamela of Happy Panda has decided to throw a Cyber Baby Shower for Janice & Susan of 5 Minutes For Mom. There are games, prizes, and fun to be had by all!
To play along, all you need to do is post some photos or answer some of the questions they have listed [...]

Hot Off The Presses - The Carnival of Family Life

I have absolutely no experience with very cold weather. Thank goodness I have Leisa of to share what it involves! Read her family tale in Snow is Cold.
Have you ever considered hiring a maid? You may want to think twice after reading Lill’s experience in Soft Soap. Stop by News from Hawkhill Acres [...]

Join Us at the Carnival!

The Carnival of Family Life, one of the most popular blog carnivals, will be here at An Island Life on Monday!
It’s been a while since I’ve actually hosted it since I’ve been passing the buck getting so many hosting requests from other great sites.
If you’d like to participate this week, please submit your family-related post [...]