Who Doesn’t Like Carnivals and Games?

February 12, 2007 by Kailani  
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The 41st edition of the Carnival of Family Life is up at Colloquium. This was Janie’s first time hosting and she did a wonderful job! Stop by and check out all the great family-related posts she received this week.

Next week’s edition will be back here at An Island Life. If you’ve never joined us before, now’s the time! We’re always looking for new friends! You can find more info in the sidebar.


The Blogging Chicks Carnival is also up. This week’s theme is, what else, Love. Stop by to read some amazing love stories posted there. My post, Finally Found Prince Charming is also included. There will be another carnival edition next week but with no specific theme. If you’re not already a Blogging Chick, come join us. It’s a lot of fun!


The 3rd edition of the Carnival of Storytellers is also up at Digital Rich Daily. Check out some great posts relating to love — all in honor of Valentine’s Day.


My new friend, SeaBird Chronicles has come up with a great idea. It’s called Five on the 5th and it’s easy to participate.

All you need to do is come up with 5 words that describe your blog. I know for some of you, narrowing it down to just 5 may be a tough job in itself! Then on the 5th of the month (hence the name) she’ll choose 5 sites to be featured on her blog. How easy is that? Now if I could only come up with five words to describe An Island Life. Let’s see . . . can I count “changing template” as one word?

About the author:
Kailani is the owner and founder of An Island Life. You'll find her sharing her daily life as a mother to 3 wonderful daughters, working as a flight attendant, and living a blessed life in Hawaii.


2 Responses to “Who Doesn’t Like Carnivals and Games?”
  1. Sam says:

    Now I’m sitting here trying to think of words to describe my blog and I cant even think of ONE! LOL

  2. Csara says:

    Ok, so next week’s carnival has no theme? So what do I write about to be included? Just a random post about whatever? Could you email me with more info – I’m confused. LOL

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