Thank You!!!

February 9, 2007


What a great honor! Thank you so much to everyone who helped to get me this far! Just being nominated was great but this is even better! hee hee!

One more thing, could you please head on over to One Woman’s World and vote for me again? I probably have no chance in “you know where” to win considering the competition. But I would like to at least make a decent showing.

While you’re there, vote for some of my other blogging friends who also made it to the finals:

  • The Zeus Excuse
  • Scribbit
  • 5 Minutes for Mom
  • Especially Heather

Honorable mention goes out to The Empress Kukka Maria. If you want a good laugh, check out her post on why she didn’t make it to the finals. I’m still laughing just thinking about it. Tell her Local Girl sent you!

You guys are the best!

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Aloha from BeachMama, Sam, Mike, Sanitybreak, Tiggerprr, Katkat, Meredith, Mert, Sparky Duck, Stephanie, Zeus, Ma, Desert Songbird, Michelle, Michelle, Jennifer, Snapshot, Janice (5 Minutes for Mom), Christina, and Renee

21 Comments on “Thank You!!!”


Renee said:

I tried to go vote, but then I noticed the ballot was messed up and I couldn’t vote for Zeus. so I posted and I’m waiting to vote.

That’s so great that you’re looking out for our pal Zeus!


Renee said:

btw: blogger has let me in one more day without making the switch to new blogger/google. YAY! I’m so happy…just to be rocking the boat.

That alone would make me do the happy dance!


Christina said:

Congrats on making the finals! I’ll be sure to head over there and vote for you :)



Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said:

CONGRATS!!! I can’t believe we made it to the finals. That was some STIFF competition!

so sorry about forgetting to add the link to my post this morning. pregnancy is kicking me hard this week. (Boy do I LOATHE the first trimester!!! I am sooo grateful that I am pregnant and even that I am sick - cause that means the baby is growing in there - but MAN is it hard!!!) so sorry! it is up now. thanks for dropping by!

AND THANKS for voting for us you sweet thing - I will head on over and vote for you. :)

I know what you mean. I never thought I’d get this far! Congrats and good luck to you!


Jennifer, Snapshot said:

Congrats!! What an honor.

Hey stranger! Thanks for the support!


Michelle said:

Hey - congratulations on being a finalist! (I already voted for you!)


Thank you! I really appreciate it! 

February 7, 2007
11:11 pm

Michelle said:

You’re a sweet heart you know? I’ll have to check out Especially Heather, I don’t think I’ve ever been to her blog before and I’m always up for recommendations . . .

February 8, 2007
12:37 am

Desert Songbird said:

So happy for you! Of course I’ll vote for you again.

February 8, 2007
12:38 am

Desert Songbird said:

Oh, and I’m a bit slow in the draw here, but I’m glad you changed back to this template. It really suits you.

I think I broke it!


Ma said:

Okay Sista, I went and voted for you and your friends. good luck and Congrats for making the finalist!


Zeus said:

To say I was shocked is an understatement. I just don’t know how I made it. I’m so very honored, and thank you so much for looking out for me as well. I did manage to put my votes in this evening, and of course, I voted for you!

It’s truly an honor to have even made it this far considering my blog is what some might call “atypical”.


Stephanie said:

ON my way!


Sparky Duck said:

I voted for all those but Heather, since I got here late. And that includes you. mahalo


mert said:

Congratulations! I really hope you win! :D *sending cyber hugs!!!*

February 8, 2007
11:53 am

meredith said:

WOO HOO!!!!! Congrats!!!!


katkat said:

I voted for you, good luck!

February 8, 2007
11:00 pm

tiggerprr said:

I voted for you, and for Zeus! I love Zeus! And I love my happy place!

February 8, 2007
11:21 pm

sanitybreak said:

Try republishing your entire blog again.

Or check the url of the sidebar icons, somehow it may not be pointing in the right direction.

If your sidebar icons are say in :

It matches your view source. It should work if that is the correct folder, /images/sidebar, that you have the image in.

Did you make any changes recently?

I am not overly familiar with WP but perhaps you can try and republish you entire blog again and see if that resynchronizes your image links.

If that doesn;t work, you can always move the images to your photbucket account, and repoint each link from your /images/sidebar, to your photobucket link to each GIF.

It does look like the url the gif points to, so it can retrieve the gif from the correct folder, is not pointing correctly.

it is like trying to pull your image from /images, when it really is in /images/sidebar/. Is that makes sense.

But worse comes to wrose throw them to your phtobucket and repoint the links to that since I don’t see a problem with your photbucket pictures showing.

Hope this helps some.

Thank you so much for your help. All is well again!

February 8, 2007
11:40 pm

Mike said:

Well deserved to be in the finals. Sorry can’t vote for you. Against the rules. Will thoughts count?



sam said:

Hi Kailani :) *hugs* I went over and voted for you, duh, of course! I miss ya! I’m at my sisters house right now, so I just wanted to stop in and say HI! I should be online at MY house by monday or tuesday (or maybe sooner!!). Hope you havent forgotten me…LOL!!

How could I forget Sam I Am? I’m so excited about your getting a home computer! Now we can start IMing again!


BeachMama said:

Congrats on making the cut! I cast my vote :)

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