Outstanding Carnival Member Feb ‘07

February 26, 2007


The Carnival of Family Life would like to congratulate Lisa of Let’s Talk Babies for being this month’s Outstanding Carnival Member. She posted a whopping 65 comments for the month of February! Even I didn’t get around to commenting that much (shame on me).

Lisa will get:

  • $15 gift certificate to Amazon.com
  • A cool button to display on her site
  • A place in the sidebar with a link to her blog

For more information on how you could be next month’s winner, just click here.

This week’s edition is up at Modern Sage. Please stop by and check out all the wonderful family-related posts that were submitted. There’s something there for everyone. You’re all welcomed to join us next week when we’ll be headed over to Be a Good Dad’s place.

Note to self: next month, don’t be an idiot and wait till the night before to go through 112 submissions and 153 comments.