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Organic BRAT

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brat1Are you familiar with the B.R.A.T. diet? It’s the diet recommendation from the pediatrician to help when one has stomach issues, to eat bland foods mainly bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. I recently got a chance to review a new product, Organic BRAT. The timing was perfect, as we went through the bought of the stomach flu at our house. Organic BRAT is a non-dairy drink that puts all the elements of the brat diet into a drink. After being sick, our little guy didn’t want to eat ANYTHING, and who could blame him? But he did drink the Organic BRAT and I felt good knowing that he had something in him that wouldn’t upset him tummy. He loved it and even asked for more when he was feeling better again. We got a sample to review, and so far his favorite flavor is the vanilla. I’ve seen it at our local Safeway I recommend having some on hand for anytime your little one isn’t quite feeling up to par or if the dreaded flu hits!

New B.R.A.T.â„¢ Diet Organic Wellness Drink Soothes Ailing Tummies

Doctor Recommended Non-Dairy Beverage Brings the Benefits of the B.R.A.T. Diet to a Delicious and Convenient Drink

San Diego, Calif. (Jan. 6, 2010) – B.R.A.T.™ Diet LLC announced its introductory product, Organic B.R.A.T. Wellness Drink, formulated to deliver digestive comfort and nutrition for children and adults suffering from influenza, upset stomach or dehydration. Organic B.R.A.T. Wellness Drinks are based on the principles of the B.R.A.T. Diet (an acronym for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast), and help promote gastro-intestinal health and natural electrolyte balance.

Organic B.R.A.T. Wellness Drinks are made of a delicious blend of organic brown rice milk, banana and apple purees, and a dose of vitamins and minerals to calm pained and dehydrated stomachs. Pediatrician endorsed and doctor recommended, the drinks are all-natural, lactose, gluten, casein, soy, and corn-free with no added sugar or preservatives, making them ideal for even the most sensitive stomachs.

In addition to soothing upset stomachs, Organic B.R.A.T. Wellness Drinks are a great-tasting and nourishing alternative for those suffering from food allergies and intolerance, including Celiac disease, lactose intolerance and much more.

Organic B.R.A.T. Wellness Drinks are available in 32 oz. packages in four flavors, Original, Vanilla, Chocolate Honey and Cinnamon Toast. They are available nationwide at grocery and national food stores, including Whole Foods, Babies R Us, Safeway, Shaw’s, Albertsons and more, as well as online through For more information on Organic B.R.A.T. Wellness Drinks,

Kendra @ Three Scurvy Dogs received a sample of  Organic BRAT in return for doing this review.