Strength in Numbers

September 4, 2007

If you haven’t already seen this video, you have to check it out. It is amazing.

I have to say that it was a little hard to watch at times but it truly shows that there’s strength in numbers. - Battle of the Species


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Grace said:

After that ordeal, the baby calf was still alive!? I was hoping the water buffaloes would throw the carnivores to the river and let the crocs take care of them. Thanks for sharing.


Melissa said:

I have seen that before and I almost didn’t make it through the whole thing! But, i kept watching and wow… WOW! Such an amazing thing to see!


Renee said:

That was amazing. I hadn’t see that before. Thanks.


wendy said:

I can’t watch. I came to read the comments to find out what happened. I hate watching animals being attacked…good outcome or not.


Dana said:

that is hard to watch..but really an amazing video!


Dana said:

that is hard to watch..but really an amazing video!


HawaiiVacationGifts said:

Wow, I had not seen this amazing video before. I am going to stumble it right now;)


richard a schriAlphi said:

like my mum used to say “don´t play with your food.”


Marie said:

My family loves to watch nature shows. We love Planet Earth. It is amazing what happens on Planet Earth that we don’t even know about!


Summer said:

That was incredible! I can’t believe that calf survived and could even walk.


Holly Schwendiman said:

Okay, I kept thinking “COME BACK!” in the beginning thinking how much they could have done to protect the baby if they’d stayed there so when they came back I was cheering big time. Wasn’t expecting the crocs to get in on the action too. Man, I’m so glad I’m not a wild animal! It’s a good and strong reminder of how much can be done when there is unity. :)



matt said:

wow really cool


Jenny said:

I’m on dialup so it won’t load for me.


tom said:

I’m dialup too but saw the intro….aint hard to figure the outcome. Why do people cheer the prey and not the predator? I don’t understand humans trying for human interpretations on animal behaviour. Ya got a cat? You think your cat loves you? Fall down paralyzed and see how long it takes for your ‘pet’ to EAT you. Got a dog? Watch him starve to death while licking your foot.


MsRebecca said:

Oh wow! how interesting I’ll have to admit I’m a bit nauseous after trying to focus lol..


Write From Karen said:

Strength in numbers indeed!

It would have somehow been poetic justice if the buffalos had chased the cats into the water and then the crocs attacked the cats.

I have to admit, I nearly stopped watching when I heard the baby’s cry. But I’m glad I did; it’s satisfying to see the predator be thwarted once in a while.


Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings said:

What a video!!!

I can’t believe that calf survived all that! WOW!
We laughed when the bull threw the lion into the air.

My children were all gathered around watching this with me. They were as intrigued as I was!


tracey said:

Ok, I clicked off halfway through. There was a baby calf, too? Glad I missed that. :(


Rach said:

I watched this on yahoo before and I was amazed by the unity of the herd. It’s serendipity and power of unity rolled in one.


katkat said:

Holy water buffalo that was amazing!


momto3cubs said:

Wow, that was amazing. Better than watching Animal Planet. I’ll have to show this to my boys.

When the lion was thrown, I thought perhaps it would land in the water and the crocs would get it!


Gayla McCord said:

Amazing! If only people would take the time to learn more from nature.

The will to live is breathtaking!

Thanks for sharing. I’ve shared this with my family. We’ve all walked away learning something valuable!


Lulu said:

Oh, that just breaks my heart! I know that it’s “the circle of life” and all that, but I just can’t stand to watch it. I’m glad that the little one got away!


donetta said:

Wow that was so cool! thanks for sharing it.

25 said:

this is a great video. the way I see it is that it shows that nature is a cruel violent world. And to think, people these days think shooting an animal with a gun or bow is cruel. Seems much less violent than ripping their prey apart with their teeth.

October 3, 2007
2:25 pm

tuncer35 said:



Silly Sheep said:

That’s what life is like for predators and prey. Biomass on the hoof is a tasty target.

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