It’s Aloha Friday - Week 9

November 23, 2007

Shopping? Sleeping? Decorating? What are your plans for Black Friday?

I had intended on avoiding the stores at all costs, however, I saw in an ad that WalMart was selling bath towels for $2 each. I thought I’d embroider Girlie Girl’s classmates names on them for Christmas gifts. Then I’m on a plane headed for Seattle. Brrrr!

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Fresh Girl said:

I’m going to be helping baby-sit my nine-month old nephew while his mama and Nana hit the stores. ;) Then later this weekend my mom and I will be decorating the house for Christmas! Can’t wait!

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Rach (Heart of Rachel) said:

We don’t have Black Friday here but I certainly love the thought of so many Sales. :)

It’s a long weekend here since my son’s class has been suspended today because of a tropical storm. We might just take advantage of the long weekend to start putting up Christmas decorations.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)’s last blog post..Aloha Friday #8


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said:

All 3 probably! :) Shopping, followed by a nap when I get home and then possibly starting to decorate the house if Ron gets home early enough tomorrow night.

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Renee said:

I’ve gotta call the garage door repairman and get them to fix my garage door (the spring broke Wednesday night!)
I’ve gotta drive my Stepdad to the airport
Then we’ve gotta figure out what to do for a bit until a coop class we have at 1pm
Oh and DD is wanting to set up and decorate the christmas trees.

Hopefully we’ll be very far away from any stores!

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Charlotte (Charmed Life) said:

definitely DECORATING!

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Sher :) said:

Well, if I can get myself away from my computer, yep, I’m addicted, I’ll clean my house a little so we CAN start decorating.


Write From Karen said:

There is no way we’re going shopping today - I abhor shopping on REGULAR days - I would go mental if I had to endure the sheer craziness of today.

I plan on staying home, putting up, and decorating, the Christmas tree, catching my word count up for NaNoWriMo, and then taking care of my nephews who are spending the night with us tonight.


Marie said:

Drinking coffee and watching the snow fall. Yep, it’s snowing!

Marie’s last blog post..A Snowy Aloha Friday, and Winners up the Wazoo!


Cathi said:

I’m checking the online sales as I write, I don’t do crowds so black Friday is not my thing. I avoid aggression! :) The most I would do (which I’m not) is hit Joanns Fabric store however there is an hour wait to have fabric cut on normal days. I can’t imagine what today would be like. We’ll put up the Christmas tree today and some of the other decorations. It will be a relaxing, kick back weekend while we enjoy some alone time with our 2 year old (on 12/03) grand daughter.

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Vader's Mom said:

I have to go get the damage to my car appraised. yeah. So much fun. Hopefully this is one step closer to getting it fixed though.


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Grace said:

There is no Black Friday here as we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but since Fridays are my usual day off, we are heading off to the beach (again) and maybe do some decorating tonight.

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Desert Songbird said:

My plans for today? Well, I slept in until 9:30 (a rarity). Hubby did the “Santa” shopping on Wednesday, and later this weekend, we’ll do online shopping.

We’ll eat leftovers and veg out on movies.

Sounds good to me!

Have fun flying to Seattle. (I love that city.)

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Audra said:

I’m spending it at home. My plan is to get some things marked off my to-do list while making sure my kids are staying on the road to feeling better. :)
Audra’s last blog post..Happy Thanksgiving


JHS said:


I never shop if I can avoid it, so I certainly wouldn’t do it today.

I went to water aerobics this a.m., then had a nice soak in the jacuzzi. I came home and have been visiting blogs, farting around on the ‘Net in general. :-)

This evening, I’m having dinner with some of my girlfriends with whom I have been friends since elementary school. :-) A glass of wine and good conversation with people who have known me since I was in 4th grade (or longer) is good for the soul once in awhile.

Hope you’re having a fun Friday, Kailani!

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donetta said:

I would never dream of going shopping. I slept in and just enjoyed my Hubby next to me , the kids came in and we all the slow morning. I cleaned up all the dishes and hired the kids to gather all the fall decor and paid them a $1 to do it.
Hubs had a good friend come over an the two men took the decorations bins out of the attic for me! All of them In the garage “it is so amazing”! They just did it for me no issues no complaint! I put all the fall stuff back in the attic bin as they handed it up to me. It was so awesome! The men even put the tree up for me NO QUESTIONS JUST MATTER OF FACT!
Hubby filled the tires in my bike and the kids and I went for a rid. His bike had a flat tire (bad tube).
Then we decorated a little bit. Had a movie night (The Walton’s on DVD)

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donetta said:

Having linking trouble

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Derrick Kwa said:

I just happened to stumble across your blog, and I just want to say I think this “Aloha Friday” idea is great. It’s always good to see people trying to build community and encourage participation.

I try to do something similar on my blog, where every Saturday I invite people to comment and share about something. You can see the latest post at Would love to have you participate. =).

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TopChamp said:

decorating xmas style?? Before December?? Crazy x

That sounds like a lovely gift idea though.


TopChamp said:

decorating xmas style?? Before December?? Crazy x

That sounds like a lovely gift idea though.

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