It’s Aloha Friday – Week 6

November 2, 2007 by Kailani  
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This week’s question is:

Do you think that stores display their Christmas decorations too early or do you think this is ok?

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Owner and founder of An Island Life. Sharing my life as a mother to 3 wonderful daughters, working as a flight attendant, and living a blessed life in Hawaii.


42 Responses to “It’s Aloha Friday – Week 6”
  1. Rach (Heart of Rachel) says:

    Most of the stores in the Philippines display Christmas decors early. I don’t mind because my son loves it and it’s nice to feel the Christmas spirit early.

    Mine is up at

    Rach (Heart of Rachel)’s last blog post..Aloha Friday #5

  2. kerry says:

    I just heard on the radio today that a lot of the big chain stores are having pre-holiday early-bird sales this weekend! That’s crazy! It gets earlier and earlier each year. I wait till after Thanksgiving to decorate.

    I was browsing your blog (from Bloggy Giveaways) and saw you are a flight attendant. I’m on leave from my job but plan to return flying in Dec. Sure wish I could work part-time! But I am headed to Hawaii for some R&R very shortly!

  3. Ladynred says:

    Displaying Christmas decorations in the stores is ok for me. The earlier the better.

  4. Write From Karen says:

    I actually don’t mind it too much. I hear people complaining all around me when I’m shopping, but then they go and buy decorations so …

    I love everything about Christmas, so honestly, I’m okay with displaying wreaths and santa hats next to the back-to-school merchandise. *grin*

  5. Sher :) says:

    Ya know, it used to bother me, but I feel like Karen. I love the Christmas holiday and bringing out the holiday decorations seems to make it last a little longer.

  6. Melli says:

    This is a real sore spot with me! I DO think they display Christmas too early. I think that Christmas should not be allowed up until the day after Thanksgiving. It drives me nuts that Christmas has become SO commercial that they have to start selling it in September!

    Melli’s last blog post..Friday Feast #16? … & another Aloha Friday!

  7. Sarah @ Real Life says:

    I agree with Melli! It’s WAY too early! Even right before Thanksgiving would be fine, but here, they start at the beginning of OCTOBER! I feel cheated out of my Autumn holidays.

  8. JessicaK says:

    I was in a store about a month ago, and they were stocking shelves with Halloween and Christmas stuff AT THE SAME TIME! I think it’s way too early. It takes away some of the excitement, ya’ know?

  9. Summer says:

    As long as they wait till after Halloween I’m ok with it. Though I would rather it be after Thanksgiving. Then I think it’s more exciting and doesn’t wear out it’s welcome.

    Summer’s last blog post..Twas the Day after Halloween

  10. Marie says:

    I don’t mind the Christmas stuff being out early. What I do mind is Christmas music. There should really be a law about playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Either that, or if they do play Christmas music before Thanksgiving, they need to make up some new stuff. I don’t care if it’s Bing Crosby or Christina Aguilera singing a song, or how its been mixed or arranged, it’s still the same dang song. Come on, people! Be creative!

    Marie’s last blog post..Aloha Friday, and Winners Galore!

  11. Meisha says:

    I LOVE Christmas, but when stores start displaying stuff too early, it becomes old by the time Christmas actually comes, becomes too commercial, and overshadows the other holiday displays.

    Meisha’s last blog post..Aloha Friday

  12. Melissa says:

    Before kids it used to bother the crud out of me. But it never gets old to my kids! We could walk through the Christmas Trees at Target every day of the year and my little girl’s eyes would still fill with wonder and excitment! I love that feeling! I know that it’s commercialism at it’s finest… but I still like it :)

  13. Pinkjagxj says:

    I love the Christmas decorations however what I truly wish is that Thanksgiving would receive some attention. Halloween seems to morph into Christmas and Thanksgiving is forgotten.

  14. Christine says:

    I love the Christmas Spirit, and maybe I’m funny this way, but I like things to go in order, first Halloween, than Thanksgiving, then the day after Thanksgiving should start the Christmas season. It’s just how I remember it growing up.

  15. FeeFiFoto says:

    Oy! It’s way too early, but I’ve learned to ignore it anyway, so at least from my point of view, the retailers are shooting themselves in the foot.

    FeeFiFoto’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen Reasons To Visit FeeFiFoto

  16. Jennifer says:

    I think when its the beginning of October and there are Christmas decorations…. it’s a bit much. I think Nov 1 should be the start of the Holiday season!

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Gingerwood houses and Aloha Friday

  17. Renee says:

    wayyyyy to early!

    Renee’s last blog post..An Award for The Spirit of Christmas

  18. Holly Schwendiman says:

    What a fantastic topic to share! As I was going to share thoughts anyway I jumped in!


  19. themamahood says:

    I love Christmas!!! I don’t have a problem with them setting up the displays a little earlier, I think it reminds me of my childhood and the fun, excitement and love of the holiday. It’s fun to see my kids filled with the excitement of the season. I’d much rather see these displays then some of the half-naked victoria’s secret type! Thanks for the great Aloha Friday question Kailani! oh and….
    ALLOOOOOOHA to all!

  20. Baby Advice says:

    It doesn’t bother me when they decorate, because sometimes you can get good deals. I will still wait to do my decorating until the day after Thanksgiving!

  21. Carey says:

    Yes, i think they display them to early. They should at least wait till after Halloween to start bringing the stuff out. Our Rite Aid started putting stuff out the beginning of October. Why rush the year? It is going to come anyway. So why not enjoy the month we are in without having to worry about whats to come.

  22. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    I think it’s too early – I’ve seen decorations up as early as August and I’m not even close to thinking about Christmas at that point. I’m hardly starting to think about it now… I wish they’d wait until it’s closer to Thanksgiving.

    Mine’s up – better late than never, I guess! :)

    Deb – Mom of 3 Girls’s last blog post..NaBloPoMo

  23. amanda says:

    mine is up.

    I don’t think stores put decorations up early

  24. Sandi says:

    I wouldn’t mind if they were up all year if it weren’t for the fact that they do it for the M-O-N-E-Y. If they did it to remind us to be good, kind, charitable, etc. I wouldn’t care when or how long they were up.

    Sandi’s last blog post..6 Random things–I’m it.

  25. momto3cubs says:

    It would prefer them to wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving.

    momto3cubs’s last blog post..Life is good

  26. JHS says:

    Absolutely! I did not really need to walk into Staples over a month ago and be confronted by Xmas cards. Yuck. By the time Xmas arrives, I’m usually too sick of it to enjoy celebrating.

    My Xmas tree never goes up before Dec. 15!

    JHS’s last blog post..Friday’s Feast #167

  27. Tammy says:

    Some years I say yes…some years I say no! I guess I have to go with yes, the fact that jump on in so fast is because of money and commercialism.
    But I love Christmas- the real meaning of Christmas and all the warmth that goes with it!

    Tammy’s last blog post..Show and Tell #8

  28. @nnaliza says:

    i’m not a store owner nor am i in any type of income producing scenario that would cause me to be in opposition to setting Christmas up early.

    as a consumer i think it’s completely disrespectful especially since thanksgiving is over looked. no one knows how to be greatful anymore. that’s why there’s so many rude people walking/driving around.

    …maybe it’s just me…

    @nnaliza’s last blog post..Minnie Mouse Diva

  29. KK says:

    If in the Philippines, it’s OK because they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving unlike here in the States. Stores will miss out on the Thanksgiving bonanza if they jump to Christmas decorations.

    It’s nice to have Christmas decors at the store by October to signal the time for sharing. I just like Christmas!

    KK’s last blog post..Wikinvest, your Investing Portal

  30. Meg says:

    I did my first one!!! Sorry it’s so short!

  31. Desert Songbird says:

    Definitely NOT okay! While I try not to compartmentalize my life too much, I think holidays should follow the calendar, dangit! It’s too much too soon.

    Desert Songbird’s last blog post..If God Will Send His Angels

  32. Vader's Mom says:

    I like seeing the stuff in stores right after Halloween, but my neighborhood putting up the decorations today…that’s too early.

  33. Twisted Cinderella says:

    I don’t mind. It is my favorite time of year and I like to shop early. Getting the stuff out there reminds me to get shopping.

    Btw, I am running a giveaway contest on my blog.

    Twisted Cinderella’s last blog post..Give-away Contest!

  34. HawaiiVacationGifts says:

    It used to be right after Halloween, but now I have read of stores starting in August to put up their Christmas decor. That’s wayyy too early!

  35. Deana says:

    No I don’t think stores display Christmas items too early, I for one need a lot of time to plan and plot and decide what to buy , Plus I like to get my Christmas decorations all in order to go up right after Thanksgiving.

    Deana’s last blog post..5 Minutes for Moms Giveaways

  36. kelleythejewelrylady says:

    Oh gosh yes! When I am not blogging, I work at a company designing dishes…so right now I am working on CHristmas and Halloween…so really by the time Halloween and Christmas roll around….I have been working on it 5 months already.


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