It’s Aloha Friday - Week 10

November 30, 2007

What is your worst bad habit?

For me it would have to be procrastination. I always put things off till the last minute and then have to scramble around like a Mad Woman to get it done. Luckily, I work well under pressure!

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Marie said:

You’re lookin’ at it! :P
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Sher :) said:

Ya know, I was really trying to think the very worst habit, but when I read Marie’s post, it all became clear to me.
Yes, I admit, I can’t control my time blogging. Just don’t tell my husband I admitted it. :)
Sher :)’s last blog post..Aloha Friday ~ TGIF!!


Rach (Heart of Rachel) said:

It was the first thing that came to my mind too. I also procrastinate, doing some things at the last minute. I hope I could find ways to remove this bad habit of mine.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)’s last blog post..Aloha Friday #9


Write From Karen said:

I can only list one? Oh man … *whining*

It’s probably the amount of time I spend on the computer. Considering my job IS the computer, that doesn’t sound like a bad thing. But I also spend WAY too much time surfing blogs, writing blog entries, haunting forums and I won’t EVEN mention how much time I Stumble - seriously, that program should be outlawed! lol


Baby Advice said:

hmmmm….I would have to say putting things off!!


JessicaK said:

Hmm… nope, I don’t have any. I’m perfect! JUST KIDDING! I am also a champion procrastinator. As a matter of fact, I’m doing it right now!

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JHS said:

I waste too much time doing exactly what I’m doing right now. :-) I subscribe to far too many blogs and often find myself sitting down to write an article, but get distracted by my subscriptions which then leads to a trail of bloghopping . . . then there’s a new plugin to try out, a contest to enter, a comment to leave . . . next thing you know, 3 hours have gone by and I don’t know what I did exactly, although I enjoyed myself, but there’s no new post. :-(
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Grace said:

My worst bad habit is blaming bad behavior to PMS!

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Summer said:

Definitely the amount of time I spend on the computer.

Summer’s last blog post..Here comes Santa Clause!


Grace said:

sorry wrong URL in the previous post

Grace’s last blog post..Meme about Blogging


donetta said:

Neglecting my own physical fitness. I will overlook caring for exercise. I’ll let myself get too busy. Not today
! It is raining and after I drop off the kids I am going to walk a couple of miles. Thank your for your sweet comment about my door.

donetta’s last blog post..I need to process this…


Meg said:

Computer!!!! I can’t seem to leave the computer chair! LOL


Melissa said:

I too am a procrastinator… I also have a hard time remembering names. Not sure that’s a bad habit… but it kind of feels like it.


Cathi said:

I would have to go along with Kailani. I am the biggest procrastinator. I loathe it! I am trying so hard not to be but…it takes organization and since I moved back to CA from FL I am not organized. I have had 7 months to get everything unpacked and organized and well…it’s not done yet.

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Aloha Friday « Joyful Notes said:

[...] of my new favorite bloggers hosts “Aloha Friday“, where we post a question and ask our faithful readres to answer and discuss in our [...]


Jen said:

You know, I think mine has to be GETTING DISTRACTED! I have every intention of doing a certain job, but get distracted by reading a book, watching a TV show, looking at pictures, or doing some OTHER job….ARGH! Sometimes I wish they made blinders just for this!! :-)
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Christine said:

That’s me too! It’s easier for me to just put things off, until tomorrow, than just DO IT!


Sheila said:

I am the queen of getting something almost done and then not finishing it and then stressing out because it’s not finished. Ugg….I wish I wouldn’t do that!

Happy Aloha Friday!

Sheila’s last blog post..Waikiki and Honolulu New Years Eve Events


Wendy said:

I am such a procrastinator too. It’s aweful. There is always something else to do. And sometimes that something is sitting on the couch and watching TV. :oD


Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said:

Hmmm, this would probably have to be it - spending just a little bit too much time on the internet or blogging while at work… I keep telling myself to quit, but somehow I just can’t. Oh well!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls’s last blog post..NaBloPoMo is over…

December 1, 2007
12:48 am

Desert Songbird said:

I have too many to count, but I would say the worst is my inability to finish projects. I have tons of things started - not much is finished.

Desert Songbird’s last blog post..Free at Last!


Jenny said:

I answered the question on my ASK ME page. ;)
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