Aloha Friday - Week 15

January 4, 2008

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.

Today’s question is:

What is your all-time favorite book?

I would love to say that mine is a classic like Anne of Green Gables or Crime and Punishment or even Harry Potter. However, my absolute favorite book which I have read over many times is:

Confessions of a Shopoholic by Sophie Kinsella

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32 Comments on “Aloha Friday - Week 15”

January 4, 2008
4:57 am

Sher :) said:

humm… I’d have to say one of Jane Austin’s books. I really enjoyed all of them. I only wish she had written more. :)
Sher :)’s last blog post..I Got an Award!!!!

January 4, 2008
5:48 am

Corrie said:

I’ve been wanting to read that book.

Story-wise, I love Jane Eyre.

Corrie’s last blog post..It turns out that Ty is the long lost son/brothert of Angelina Jolie

January 4, 2008
6:18 am

Renee said:

I think the Harry Potter books have been my favorite of all time…they are the ones I have read all of them at least twice some 3 times.

Renee’s last blog post..A year in review

January 4, 2008
7:09 am

Krista said:

My all time favorite book is called Dream Voyagers. It’s futuristic and deals with telepathy while having this amazing love story. I’ve read it multiple times and can actually remember a good portion of it (which is saying something from all the probably thousands of books I’ve read!)

Krista’s last blog post..New

January 4, 2008
7:33 am

Angie said:

Picking just one is terribly difficult, but I think anything by the Bronte sisters or Jane Austen ranks up there on my top 10 list.

Angie’s last blog post..All Time Favorite Book

January 4, 2008
7:52 am

Rach (Heart of Rachel) said:

My favorite is Og Mandino’s Twelfth Angel.

Thanks for visiting earlier. Regarding your question, I didn’t win the contest, but my blog friend, Tina gave me a consolation prize of 2-years free hosting and domain name. You can find my other blog at:

Take care!

Rach (Heart of Rachel)’s last blog post..Aloha Friday #13

January 4, 2008
8:22 am

Shoshana said:

I love that series too. I laugh so hard and so loud, I end up waking everybody!

Shoshana’s last blog post..All Work No Play…Nuh!

January 4, 2008
11:19 am

Heather said:

I could be really generic and say the Bible. But I’ll add the “Power of a Praying….” series by Stormie Omartian. Great books on praying for yourself, your husband, your children. She really helped me to focus my prayer time to pray for my loved ones.

Heather’s last blog post..Give Us Some Love

January 4, 2008
11:32 am

Baby Advice said:

I was a fan of John Gresham, but I haven’t read a good book in a long time other than “man’s search for meaning”

Baby Advice’s last blog post..Toy Wagons Recalls by Tricam Industries Due to Violation of Lead Paint Standard

January 4, 2008
12:35 pm

Jacki said:

I don’t know how to choose just one! I have loved to read since I learned how. But, of all time, I love Charlotte’s Web.

Jacki’s last blog post..Aloha Friday!

January 4, 2008
1:42 pm

Jamie said:

I love that book, too!

As for all time favorite, I’ll have to say Gone With the Wind. To Kill a Mockingbird is a close second.

Jamie’s last blog post..Snowy Days Giveaways (Like Oprah?s Favorite Things, With Less Squealing)

January 4, 2008
1:46 pm

Courtney said:

That is such a hard question. There are some many books I love. One I just finished that I wouldn’t mind reading again sometime in the future is Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts. She also has 2 other books that I can’t wait to start reading. I am currently reading The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, which I am absolutely loving.

Courtney’s last blog post..Aloha Friday - Games

January 4, 2008
2:15 pm

Sheila said:

When I think of all time favorite books, I start thinking of middle school age. I loved Judy Blume books. My favorite was “Are You There God, It’s Me Margret”

Sheila’s last blog post..Survey Says Hawaii is a Top US Travel Destination

January 4, 2008
2:29 pm

Jessica K said:

That’s a hard one. I love so many books, but I think the Harry Potter series takes the cake for me. They were so good, I had trouble reading any other books for a while after I finished those, so I just read them again! Good question!

Jessica K’s last blog post..Plan B

January 4, 2008
2:39 pm

Lulu said:

Aloha! I’m baaaa-ck! And I’ve missed my favorite Hawaiian!

This is a tough question! Well, I do love me some historical fiction, so I’m going to go with The Autobiography of King Henry VIII. Very intriguing, indeed!

Happy Friday!!

Lulu’s last blog post..Flashback Friday: How Lulu Spent Her Blogging Vacation

January 4, 2008
2:44 pm

witchypoo said:

To qualify as a favourite, it has to be a book I want to read again and again. Only two come to mind: “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran and “The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver. I’m a big fan of all her books as well.

witchypoo’s last blog post..World of Warcraft is not a job

January 4, 2008
3:02 pm

Dee said:

The only book that comes to mind right now is a book called Shabanu……’s a 5-6 grade reader………but I loved it. :)
Dee’s last blog post..The Happenings

January 4, 2008
3:10 pm

Jennifer said:

I read so much thanks to Paperback swap! As a child I loved the Bobsie Twins & Trixie Beldon.

As an adult I like Suzanne Brockman, Janet Evanovich, Julie Garwood, Patricia Cornwell & Lori Foster. It is hard to pick a favorite!

Jennifer’s last blog post..Happy New Year! Aloha Friday

January 4, 2008
3:44 pm

Summer said:

It’s near impossible for me to decide but I’ll go with Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink. It was my favorite book as a child and just holds such fond memories for me of pouring over it again and again.

Summer’s last blog post..I only looked away for two minutes!

January 4, 2008
4:07 pm

DebMomOf3 said:

All-time favorite? Yikes, that’s really, really hard to answer. I have so very many favorites. If you go by how many times they’ve been read since I was a kid, I’d have to say the 3 ‘Dragonsinger’ books by Anne McCaffrey - they are what started my love of science fiction/fantasy. Or the Belgariad series by David Eddings - I think I’ve probably read those books 20 times at least.

More recently probably Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, the Harry Potter books and Sue Grafton’s alphabet mysteries.

See, I can’t narrow it down to just one! :)
DebMomOf3’s last blog post..Ringing in the New Year with robots and rats…

January 4, 2008
5:20 pm

Charlotte (Charmed Life) said:

I love to read The Gifts of Life and Love by Ben Zion Bokser. It contains so many inspirational topics and poetry, one of which is my all time favorite poem, I Have Heard The Song!

Charlotte (Charmed Life)’s last blog post..Hopes for 2008

January 4, 2008
5:33 pm

Mo said:

My favorite genre is post-apocalypse. I’d say my favorite is a tie between Pat Frank’s Alas Babylon & Simon Clark’s Blood Crazy. Cormac McCarthy’s The Road places high as well :)
Mo’s last blog post..Aloha Friday #3

January 4, 2008
6:51 pm

Meg said:

My all time favorite book is Burnt Offerings by Laurell K. Hamilton!

Meg’s last blog post..Aloha Friday 5

January 4, 2008
10:27 pm

Holly Schwendiman said:

I’m almost whoozy catching up on my favorite blogs today after my holiday sabbatical but it’s all good. I love all the updates and photos and expect many more based on your Christmas gift! :) That’s awesome.

All must be well at my house because the kids are spoiled while mom and dad are fat and happy! LOL Here’s to a wonderful 2008!

My all time favorite book remains the classic “Counte of Monte Cristo” and “Les Miserables” but I love reading and have more fun ones than I could list. The most recent was the Twilight series and those were down right addictive!


January 4, 2008
10:30 pm

Marie said:

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho.

Marie’s last blog post..Coulda Woulda Shoulda

January 4, 2008
11:05 pm

Write From Karen said:

LOL!! That book/series totally suits you, Kailani. Good answer! :D

I’d have to say anything by Edith Wharton. Wow, I really admire that woman. She’s right up there with Jane Austen on revolutionizing women’s fiction. She inspires me every time I read her work.

Have a great weekend, GF!

January 5, 2008
1:35 am

Vader's Mom said:

“Marley & Me” What a great book for dog-lovers!

January 5, 2008
1:53 am

donetta said:

It is bead books that make my heart go thump thump and get that readers thrill.

donetta’s last blog post..Aloha Friday

January 5, 2008
4:32 am

Fresh Girl said:

“To Kill a Mockingbird”! Definitely my all-time favorite. I love every word of that book and try to read it at least once a year. I *still* remember the thrill of the first time I read it.

Fresh Girl’s last blog post..What a deal!

January 5, 2008
6:50 pm

Aloha Friday said:

[…] can play along by answering my question here, then clicking over to Kailani’s site to see who else is […]

January 5, 2008
8:33 pm

Hotomom said:

Have you read the whole series? It’s pretty wonderful. Especially the last one about having a baby. But my favorite book is Harry Potter book 7. You have a very cool blog by the way. I love checking in with you.

Hotomom’s last blog post..Disneyworld Here We Come!!!

January 7, 2008
3:21 am

Zippy Voice said:

I prefer audio books (specifically downloadable audio books) so it’s not just the book but also the narrator that makes a difference.

I thoroughly enjoyed 1776 (the Unabridged version) written and narrated by David McCullough.

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