Aloha Friday #62

December 26, 2008

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link below. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

Today’s question is:

What did you get for Christmas?

Aloha for stopping by Nina, Arlinda, Jo, Lilfootsmommy, Rach (Heart of Rachel), Alyson, Sagemom, Angie, Jenni Jiggety, Meredith, Tena, Em Dy, Forgetfulone, Tamy ~ 3Sides of Crazy, Cat @ 3 Kids and Us, TheAngelForever, Renee, Suzanne B. (Crunchy Green Mom), Pamela, Louise, Queen-sized funny bone, Jennifer, A Maui Blog, Janet F, and Vicki

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Vicki said:

A new computer, some lighthouse photo frames, a lighthouse sweat shirt and a lighthouse mailbox cover.


Janet F said:

Candles, Silk Pajamas Candy, Tea, Gift Card,


A Maui Blog said:

Wii Fit :) ; some clothes; a book, Gift Card and cash :)


Jennifer said:

Bracelets fro Twisted Silver, new stainless steel cookware, books, make-up, food!


Queen-sized funny bone said:

Cookie sheets, wallet, photo printer, jewelry.


Louise said:

chocolate, giftcard to VS, and two movies


Pamela said:

more snow. (:

Oh…and something for my watercolor pursuit.


Suzanne B. (Crunchy Green Mom) said:

I got two sweatshirts, and one warm shirt, a pair of pants, a lovely set of matching earrings and necklace and a blowdryer. Mainly things I can use at my boyfriends house since I spend two nights a week there :)


Renee said:

I got some candy & some shirts/sweaters.


TheAngelForever said:

Hubby and I have opted not to exchange Chanukah gifts this year. Instead we are hoping to do a family vacation at one point. We were thinking of Chicago for BlogHer, but now it may change to Disney World.


Cat @ 3 Kids and Us said:

A toaster, a coffee maker, and an electric griddle. :-(


Tamy ~ 3Sides of Crazy said:

Hubby gave me the best gift - a day at the spa!!


Forgetfulone said:

Aromatherapy Sleep Bath Creme from Bath and Body Works, a Making Memories scrapbook carousel, and white gold earrings from hubby.


Em Dy said:

Books, food, DVDs, lotions, bags.


Tena said:

clothes, new bedding, some small appliances that I wanted replaced ( microwave, coffee pot and toaster). Clothes, and money


Meredith said:

Between me and Hubbs we got a total of 7 Walmart Giftcards. Thank goodness too, we bought $80 worth of rechargeable batteries for all of Little B.’s new toys.


Jenni Jiggety said:

I got a new laptop! And I am in heaven!


angie said:

easy but sweet christmas this year. I recieved a set of raggedy ann and andys dolls from my oldest daughter, a raggedy ann ornament, hotpads, towels from my middle daughter, slippers from my middle son, a crockpot from my oldest son, hotpads and a tiny measure cup (which I love) from my youngest son and slippr socks from my youngest daughter, hotpads and a candle from my sister. My mother and I have not exchanged gifts, my oldest sister made me a folder of photos from many years ago and my brothers and I do not exchange. Well I had a great christmas hope you did too


sagemom said:

Chocolate, PJs, gift cards, Christmas wishes (got the idea from Oprah).


Alyson said:

We gave each other a blu-ray DVD player. We needed a DVD player so splurged on the newest kind! Fun for movies!
Merry Christmas!!

Alyzabeth’s Mommy


Rach (Heart of Rachel) said:

Sorry haven’t joined lately. I’ll make it up after the holidays.

I received a nice purse, new shoes, lotion and perfume.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas celebration. Wishing you a promising New Year.


lilfootsmommy said:

a Wii, and extra controller, a nunchuk for the Wii, a set of extra fine sharpies, and fine sharpies and a GPS, also the three wise men of my nativity set


Jo said:

$200 from my parents, 2 pairs of jammies and 2 books and a hair straightener from my hubby, and a blender from my in-laws


Arlinda said:

For me at work: Black and Decker Power Scissors and a hand/arm massage.
Just for Me: Love Collection Australia over the knee boots :), Love at first step!


Nina said:

I got a Wii fit for Christmas and just love/hate it. It told me I have a fit age of 50 and I am 34. Yicks!!! I have some Wii Fitting to do as soon as evryone in my house gets healthy.

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