Aloha Friday #56

November 13, 2008

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link below. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

Today’s question is:

Where do you live and what’s the weather like there?

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My Precious Pennies said:

IT’S TOO COLD! My Aloha Friday for today is actually about the weather too =P


Tara said:

Its cooling down here (NV/AZ area..)finally..its usually intensely hot. We aren’t using our air condition this week wooo hooo lol


Krista said:

I live in Eastern Washington where for the past week we have had (unusual) rain rain and more rain. Ugh! But today it was finally sunny! Although with wind. It’s in the 50’s, but the wind makes it much colder.


Tena said:

I am in So Cal, and the weather is warm during the day and cold at night, throwing my body through a loop hole with the ups and downs of the temps!


cora said:

I live in the Philippines specifically in southern Luzon (cavite). the weather here is still humid but sometimes it rains in the middle of the day.


Tammy W said:

In the Florida Panhandle and THE AIR CONDITIONER IS ON!!!! IN NOVEMBER!!! Jeez!


Charlotte (Life's a Charm!) said:

in alabama, it’s cooling down. this morning there was so much fog!


Pamela Kramer said:

Texas and nothing but rain here for days.


Mozi Esme's Mommy said:

Mozambique - it’s hot, cloudy, and muggy right now.


Aloha Friday #56 | Mom Of 3 Girls said:

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Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said:

Definitely getting wintery here in West Michigan. In the 30’s and 40’s with rain - we even had a dusting of snow the other day. Yuck. :(


Friday Eye Candy: Sue’s List : Daily Mish Mash said:

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Jen said:

I’m in Maryland. We had rain and fog today and in the 50’s-low 60’s. Kind of icky!! I’m now really wishing I had raked those leaves.


Rach (Heart of Rachel)f said:

I’m from the Philippines. It’s getting a little cold. I like this time of the year.


Cathi said:

I live in Southern California and I wish the weather would cool off.


Nina said:

I live in Ohio where the weather never stays the same for more than 5 minutes. That is the running joke anyway. Today it we will have a high of 60 and tomorrow our high will only be in the 30’s. That will be a shock to my system.


happyathome said:

Typical New England for this time of year. It is damp, rainy and warm about to turn cold! Stop by my Aloha Friday for a mood adjustment to the holiday!


Laura said:

I live in Wisconsin. So far it’s been in the 40’s each day this week and rainy. No real snow…YET!!


Andrea McMann said:

I live in Nebraska, where it’s cold, below freezing every night. Our weather is fickle. It snowed a very slushy snow all day Monday, which was melted by the evening, and yesterday it rained a bunch. Right now it’s just cold, but it’ll get colder. January’s usually our coldest month. What I wouldn’t give for a little bit of Hawaii right now! :)


Meredith said:

I am in Mooresville, NC and it is 7:26 here and the weather is rainy, and 55 degrees.


Jen said:

Here in East Michigan it’s rainy and in the 50’s, but I hear we’re in for a major cool-down. Brrrr…

Happy Aloha Friday! =)


AmyG said:

I live in NC. Right now the weather is mild, compared to what it is normally. It’s 54 degrees, suppose to get up to 65 today. It’s gray & foggy & we are hoping for more rain today. We need it badly.


Jennifer Burk said:

South Fl Today is 80 sunny and nice:)


TheAngelForever said:

I live in the Northeastern parts of the US. This morning it is unseasonably warm - close to 60. The reality is coming. Next week the highs are barely supposed to get into the 30’s. We will definitely try to enjoy the “warmth” today before the winter arrives.

I live in Exton, PA just outside Philadelphia…unfortunately it’s rainy today but mild, in the 50’s. Makes running errands w/a 4 mos. pretty difficult, lol.
Have a great weekend!


Dee said:

I’m in the south..and its starting to cool off here. The weather cant decide if it wants to stay cool or go back to warm!


HeatherY said:

I live in Central Georgia. It has been beautiful here with temps in the mid 60s but today it is rainy and miserable.


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said:

MA - It’s cool but not as cold as it could be & raining


Jen E @ mommablogsalot said:

oh and my first linky was entered incorrectly


witchypoo said:

Here on the east coast of Canada, the air is fall crisp, so a jacket is in order. The last big wind took most of the leaves, but it is still glorious walking weather!


Tiffany @ Snapshots of Life said:

I live in central Missouri. The weather here is always changing! We had been having a kind of Indian Summer with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. Today, they are supposed to be high in the 50s and then drop overnight for snow in the morning. Welcome to Missouri!


Bridgette said:

I live in New Orleans, LA. Today it is 78 degrees, but a cool front is coming tomorrow! High of 61!!


Ren said:

Florida East Coast, it’s way too hot for November. We’re supposed to get a ‘cold snap’ this weekend. High 60’s here we come!


Cammi said:

Utah and it’s cold! But no snow yet…


1stopmom said:

We live in Wisconsin and it is like 40 degrees. A few days ago it was 70 degrees. I wish winter would just start already so we can hurry up and get it over with


Autumn @ My MoonBean said:

We live in SC and it is getting pretty chilly here…not to mention today it’s raining. BOO!

Headed to Charleston for the weekend, hope it’s not raining all weekend there! Have a great one!


Proud Mommy said:

We’re in western Michigan. We have had some snow already this year but just a trace. It’s in the 50’s today but it’s possible we will get a snow storm tomorrow……they are still working on it!!!!


Colleen said:

Western Pa. Surprisingly, it’s sunny and in the 50s. very unusual for this time of year. It’s usually dreary and cold!


Jess @ NBP said:

I live in KY and it’s fair. I jeans and a long sleeved shirt will be fine.


A Maui Blog said:

live on Maui - bright sunny weather :)


Sheila said:

I live in Raleigh, North Carolina. Today it’s rainy, but not too cold. I sure wouldn’t mind some warm Hawaii sunshine today. :-)


TXsunlover said:

I’m in North Central Texas and the weather is awesome! It’s been in the mid-70s all week with lots of sunshine. But a cold front is on the way so we’re expecting our first freeze tomorrow night . Brrrr!!!


diana/sunshine said:

i just got up and found it snowing outside. i live in the denver area of colorado and this is our first real snowfall of the season. i don’t like a lot of snow, but i do like a little and i’ve been looking forward to the first snow =)


dhw said:

I live in Northern Iowa. 2 miles from the MN border. As of today we’re at 40 degrees, partly cloudy…


Renee said:

I live in Colorado, southeast of Denver. And today we have our first snow of the season. We’ve got about an inch so far and it’s still coming, but seeing as the sun is up this will probably all melt off quickly.
I’m staying indoors if I can help it, but I’m looking for a doggy coat for Lilly.


Jo said:

I live in Hammond, IN, and it is raining and about 40 degrees


Hillary - The Queen I Am Not said:

I live in central Washington State. Right now, the ground is frosted over. Yesterday, it was bright and sunny. Two days ago, we had a huge windstorm. Three days ago we had several downpours. Four days ago it was 60+ degrees. It’s been a weird week for weather out here.


Sues2u2 said:

I live in extreme southern Az but I also live in the mountains so it’s not as hot here. That being said we’re looking @ mid to upper 70’s w/ lots of blue sky.


Kila at momto3cubs said:

Here in Wisconsin, it’s been gray, rainy and in the 40’s. This morning we have sunshine, what a treat! Won’t last long, though. Rain and snow are coming this way, along with a drop in temperatures.

Enjoy your sunshine and rainbows in Hawaii!


sagemom said:

Hawaii & right now it’s in the low 70s, & a bit cloudy, but I know it’ll get more humid as the day goes on…


Dixie said:

It’s 59 degrees here in MA. Kind of overcast.
Typical for this time of year.


Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries said:

We are getting a cold front this weekend and I am not looking forward to it! I love warm weather and the sounds of highs near 60s lows in the 30s does not sound good to me. Stay warm.


Devin @ CoolProducts said:

Devin here representin Kansas! It’s currently 48 right now, but it feels like a chilly 41! It’s lookin like rain here as well! However, 41 isn’t all that bad for this time of year out here.


diana said:

I live in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. Its warm here, about 87 days/72 nights but thats pretty consistent. We just had a teeny rain shower…but its naptime and it seems to happen that way!


Pegsy said:

I’m up in the Edmonton, Alberta area. Today’s high is hovering right at the freezing mark (0 celsius or 32 Fahrenheit), but the sun was shining this morning! We had our first snowfall on Tuesday - so beautiful!


Cat @ 3 Kids and Us said:

I live in Illinois and right now it’s pretty darn cold. We’re getting close to freezing and may even get our first snowfall tonight.


Vicki said:

I live in Florida. We have a sub-tropical climate with long summers and short, mild winters. It’s very humid in the summer but it’s lower in the winter when it cools down. We’re known for hurricanes but this year had no major ones. We also usually either have lots of rain or hardly any during the rainy season.


Jamie said:

we are in kentucky and the weather is cloudy and breezy. temp is 61 as of right now. gonna drop down to highs in the low 40’s tomorrow and thru the next week.


Jamie said:

i am in central ky, and the weather is cloudy and breezy.


Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs said:

I’m in Michigan. It’s cold, rainy, and windy. Thank goodness we had a great time out with our besties this morning. :)


Sherry said:

I’m in NW Missouri, it’s cold and gray. : (


smitten blog designs said:

It’s cold and rainy in Portland!


matt said:

Here in Connecticut…Today it’s rainy. But I enjoy watching the seasons change. So far it has been a mild November, which is fine by me.


Natalie said:

Seattle is miserable and gray. Am dreaming of a hot sunny Hawaiian day!


jennifer said:

OH. Rainy and dreary right now!


thefarmerfiles said:

I live in Mauka, and it is dry today. ;)


Perspective said:

Northern Indiana; low 50’s and rain. Liked it better in the Smokey Mountains where we just came from earlier today (upper 60’s and sunshine).


Old Lady Next Door said:

I live in Alabama and the weather sure is nice for a Friday night in November. 67 degrees right now but scattered thunderstorms are on the way.


Pamela said:

Wa Wa Wa.
and its 37 degrees — a bit windy — actually bites when you open the door. Frost this morning.


Rhonda said:

Hello from Maine! Chilly-willy this morning! Its 38 degrees, rainy and foggy. Even the forecast is dreary! Its a great day to stay in and blog! Have a nice w/e everyone!


Lisa C. said:

Virginia Baby!!!! and although it’s raining, I can say I’m in flip flops and a t-shirt… the highs today will be 78… (I do miss the snow.. )


amy said:

I’m in WI and so far, no SNOW! But it has been really rainy and cloudy and gloomy….ugh!


Forgetfulone said:

How do you read all these comments?

I live in Texas. Yesterday it was almost 80 degrees, warm, sunny. Today, it’s sunny, but it’s terribly windy and our high will be in the 50’s, low in the 40’s. That’s Texas!


Em Dy said:

There are sunny and rainy days right now in the Philippines. It’s starting to get cold too as it always does before Christmas.


Jen @ One Moms World said:

I live in the NC Mountains and it is very cold right now. It has been snowing and the winds are gusting to 40MPH. It’s about 25 degrees right now without the wind chill. I love this time of year though, it makes Christmas seem so much better with the snow and cold.


stampedwithgrace said:

in OK where one day is 75 and the next 55, but most days have been nice :)


Sherry said:

I live in St Joseph, Missouri, and it is TOO cold! I’m so ready to move anywhere warm. Unfortunately, our children are here, so this is where we will stay.

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