Aloha Friday #46

August 21, 2008

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link below. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

Today’s question is:

What was your favorite subject when you were in school?

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August 21, 2008
5:25 pm

Muthering Heights said:

Art, History, and Art History!!

August 21, 2008
5:50 pm

diana/sunshine said:

i’d have to say math - geometry to be specific. i also enjoyed speech and debate (one class)

August 21, 2008
5:54 pm

Forgetfulone said:

English. For sure.

August 21, 2008
5:55 pm

Renee said:

RECESS! LOL! but later on, Math.

August 21, 2008
5:56 pm

ciara said:

english, spelling, reading…which is usually combined all in one class. i HATED math! numbers and i just don’t get along. LOL

August 21, 2008
6:03 pm

Daily Mish Mash » Blog Archive » Friday Eye Candy-Cougar Bait Edition said:

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August 21, 2008
6:09 pm

Summer said:

Definitely English. But I also loved earth science and astronomy.

August 21, 2008
6:10 pm

Jen said:

I would probably say English/Language Arts was my favorite.

August 21, 2008
6:13 pm

Corrie said:

I loved English - but I think that subject is a natch for dramatic teens.

August 21, 2008
6:14 pm

Liza @ noses in books said:

When I was younger I actually enjoyed the maths and sciences then one day POOF! Strictly English and language arts.

August 21, 2008
6:37 pm

Desert Songbird said:

At the risk of sounding like a brat or elitist, my favorite class in middle school was my gifted class. We got to produce a television show, and I was the on-air interviewer. Fun!

August 21, 2008
6:39 pm

Em Dy said:

Computer Science. And it was all about BASIC then. I was doing the assignments even before they were assigned.

August 21, 2008
6:50 pm

Mozi Esme's Mommy said:

Anything to do with reading. Literature, etc.

August 21, 2008
6:56 pm

Hillary - The Queen I Am Not said:

Math, especially algebra and calculus. I’m a nerd.

August 21, 2008
7:02 pm

Renee aka MekhisMom said:

English. I tagged you on a meme.

August 21, 2008
7:07 pm

Tamy~ 3 Sides of Crazy said:

That’s a toss up between math and english.

August 21, 2008
7:47 pm

JHS said:

Music, of course! :-) From the time I started school, I was always in at least one musical group — vocal or instrumental. Still am! Both the Lodi Community Band and Stockton Concert Band in which I currently play flute and piccolo are affiliated with San Joaquin Delta College.

If I wasn’t able to make music on a daily basis, I would be totally and utterly lost.

August 21, 2008
8:11 pm

Melissa said:

English, science and history. You’d think that with my great love of science, I would have enjoyed math - but I hated it :) Still do!

August 21, 2008
9:33 pm

Mom Of 3 Girls » Blog Archive » Aloha Friday #46 said:

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August 21, 2008
9:34 pm

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said:

Definitely English, or History. I enjoyed Science usually too. Basically, anything except for Math. :)

August 21, 2008
9:40 pm

Kelly@SHE-POWER said:

English was and is my great love. Books, books, and more books. I also loved history too.


August 21, 2008
11:15 pm

Jenn said:

English (i.e. creative writing) and psychology.

August 21, 2008
11:50 pm

Cathi said:

Ceramics, Crafts and Home Decorative Arts.

August 22, 2008
12:47 am

Rach (Heart of Rachel) said:

My favorite subjects were English and Art.

August 22, 2008
1:58 am

TheAngelForever said:

I am definitely a science geek here. I always wanted to know why things worked in the world. No wonder that I became a teacher and taught science for many years!

Have a great weekend :)

August 22, 2008
2:35 am

tonya @ said:

I loved English, Speech, Writing, etc !!! go figure, since I love to blog - LOL (didn’t say I was an honor student either though!)

August 22, 2008
2:36 am

Jenni said:

English and History!

August 22, 2008
2:39 am

Jen E said:

Well after reading this post I am wishing I had something original to say but I don’t want to lie to you - it was totally english - either that or in high school maybe study hall because I played rummy all period in study hall! :)

August 22, 2008
3:12 am

Melissa Markham said:

English and History

August 22, 2008
3:43 am

Amy @ Thoughts from the Mrs. said:

English was my favorite subject by far. My teacher made me fall head over heals for Shakespeare…and I understood it!

August 22, 2008
3:49 am

Angie said:

My all time favorite subject in grade school was spelling. I also liked Spanish in High School.

August 22, 2008
3:51 am

charlotte (charmed life) said:

i’ve always been a math girl…

August 22, 2008
4:41 am

Write From Karen said:

English and writing. I had an interest in science, but considering it required some math equations, I wasn’t very good at it.

But English … loved it. I even enjoyed Composition Theory in college - THAT’S how much of a nerd I am.

August 22, 2008
5:07 am

Shannon said:

English and Literature!

August 22, 2008
5:13 am

sagemom said:

It would have to be english (not really because of the subject, but because I had some really great teachers!).

August 22, 2008
7:10 am

Dee said:

sadly I didn’t know like school and I really can’t think of any subject that was my favorite.

August 22, 2008
7:17 am

Christine@AreWeThereYetMom said:

Mostly Math, (not geometry), and French. Even though it would have been more of an advantage to take Spanish, both languages are very similar. I was just hoping one day to go to Paris.

August 22, 2008
7:19 am

kelleythejewelrylady said:

Art and science….maybe a little math on a good day.

August 22, 2008
7:22 am

Spice said:

Art, Art History and Mechanical Drawing (which I was always the only girl in that class) ;)

August 22, 2008
7:55 am

Rick Bucich said:

In high school it would have been art or wood shop even though I was shooting for college.

In college, I found history to be my favorite.

August 22, 2008
9:02 am

Anne said:


August 22, 2008
9:40 am

Alyson, the 3 P's Mama said:

Aside from my agriculture classes that I adored, my consistent favorites were always History and English. Hated math!

August 22, 2008
10:59 am

Pamela said:

creative writing

August 22, 2008
11:03 am

Sheila said:

Geography - I think that’s where my love of travel first started even though we were poorer than dirt and couldn’t afford a vacation to anywhere.

I had a 4th grade teacher who took us on a trip around the world through our imaginations. We pretended to travel around the world and visit different countries. It was a brilliant way to teach geography. I can remember being so excited about that “trip”.

August 22, 2008
11:21 am

Amy said:

I used to love math, but I just don’t get it nowadays! I also loved typing because I was very quick and liked to show off! Ha, imagine that? Me being a show off…LOL!

August 22, 2008
1:48 pm

Marissa said:

English…I loved to write stories.

August 22, 2008
1:54 pm

Jen ~ Mom of 2 said:

For me it was band! Yup.. I was a big band geek and proud of it. :)

August 22, 2008
2:07 pm

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August 22, 2008
3:24 pm

Mary @ Adventures in Mommyland said:

Lunch, Recess, PE… No just kidding. I loved spelling! My mom is an English professor so I just loved spelling as a kid, and was very good at it too. As I’ve gotten older I notice I don’t spell as well as I used to though.

August 22, 2008
4:28 pm

CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) said:

I liked English (Literature). Photography class was pretty fun, too.

August 22, 2008
5:50 pm

Amy-Happy Momma said:

History and Reading

August 23, 2008
5:59 am

witchypoo said:

Biology. I won the prize. Later, in geek school, I would have to say it was web development. I learned more than the others in that one, because I did independent study.

August 23, 2008
6:23 am

Clair said:

Probably language arts. geography in eighth grade. Fifth grade was science-we did bird books and bone books, but in social we did MN history, Native Americans, and states and capitals. So I guess I liked a lot of it.

August 25, 2008
11:10 am

UptakeInOH said:

I loved to read in school. I still do, only have less time for it now. :(

August 28, 2008
2:07 pm

Grace said:

World History! I like to learn about dead people hee hee.

August 29, 2008
4:10 am

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