Aloha Friday #31

May 9, 2008

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing heavy or too thought-provoking.

If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link below. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

Today’s question is:

What was the last grown-up movie you’ve seen?

Today my sister and I are going to see Made of Honor thanks to Mom agreeing to watch Baby Bug for a few hours. I can’t even remember the last grown-up movie I’ve seen. I’m so excited! The best part is the buttered popcorn. I don’t know why theater popcorn tastes so good!

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May 9, 2008
4:24 am

Cathi said:

Hmmm, last weekend we saw Enchanted, Alvin and the Chipmunks and The Bee Movie but I don’t suppose they count. It would still have to be a pay per view movie as we haven’t been to the theater in months.
Okay, we saw I Am Legend. I don’t really consider that a grown up movie but it definately isn’t a kid’s movie. I had no idea what it was about when I ordered it. I had nightmares!

May 9, 2008
4:27 am

Cathi said:

I too love the buttered popcorn at the theater!!

May 9, 2008
4:41 am

Desert Songbird said:

Um…I don’t remember! And it has nothing to do with my kids being too young (they’re old enough to leave home alone for a bit now); it has everything to do with being too tired to sit in a movie theater!

Desert Songbird’s last blog post..Tag Team!

May 9, 2008
4:51 am

Arizona said:

The last movie I went to see in a theater was As Good As It Gets with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton. I loved it. I used to love going to see movies, but after my son was born I had better things to do…like hang out with him. And now that I have twins it looks like it’ll be a few more years before I go to a theater. I’d fall asleep within 10 minutes if I went now!

Arizona’s last blog post..Climbing Monkeys

May 9, 2008
5:15 am

Corrie said:

Can you believe it was National Treasure 2?

Corrie’s last blog post..The World is at Your Fingertips

May 9, 2008
5:44 am

yoshi said:

I just saw Iron Man! you caught me on a good week when I saw a movie hehe.

yoshi’s last blog post..Go Speed Go!

May 9, 2008
5:48 am

Renee said:

last grown up movie in the theater or at home?

Honestly, I’m not too sure about either.

theater: Titanic
home: My Best Friend’s Wedding (rerun a bunch of times)

Yeah, I don’t get out much! I actually prefer kid’s movies. Just checked out again the Harry Potter movies.

Renee’s last blog post..Adventures in Webcamming!

May 9, 2008
6:31 am

Jen said:

Hubby and I went to see Leatherheads, which turned out MUCH better than I anticipated. I’m with you though. The popcorn is what keeps me coming back.

Jen’s last blog post..New Every Morning!

May 9, 2008
6:40 am

Krista said:

Ooo, oo, for once in my life I have seen a recent movie! (I don’t get out much either) We went to see 27 Dresses as a late Valentine’s date! (as in, I was sick on Valentine’s Day :(
Krista’s last blog post..Book: The Warriors

May 9, 2008
10:23 am

Jennifer Sabin said:

The last movie I saw in the theatre was Expelled, with Ben Stein. I really liked it but thought that he didn’t go far enough to prove his point. The second half when he went to the concentration camp was very poignant.

Jennifer Sabin’s last blog post..Comment Love

May 9, 2008
10:43 am

witchypoo said:

Long time ago. I saw Fahrenheit 911, and was disappointed. I dislike going to the movies, having only the option of overpriced junk food, and those stinkers won’t pause it when I have to pee!

witchypoo’s last blog post..Grammie on my Mind

May 9, 2008
10:55 am

Modern Mami said:

I know I saw a movie in the theater a couple months ago, but can’t remember the name!!!

On DVD at home, I last saw Juno - which was really cute, and sad!

Modern Mami’s last blog post..Another Mother’s Day Giveaway

May 9, 2008
11:40 am

Mom to P said:

Uh-oh, I can’t remember! The last movie I saw in the theater was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix so it doesn’t count!

Mom to P’s last blog post..Aloha Friday #23

May 9, 2008
11:41 am

Tina said:


My husband just found your site by mistake. Now he’s moaning because I have the computer.

I can’t rember the last film I saw at the cinema. It must have been in black and white it was that long ago.

No, seriously, I took the kids to see Cars, I love any animation film.

Take Care All - Tina


Tina’s last blog post..The Festamar Estartit

May 9, 2008
11:47 am

Mom Of 3 Girls » Blog Archive » Aloha Friday # said:

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May 9, 2008
11:48 am

Anne said:

Is this sad or what lol I can’t even remember. wow I just cannot remember lol I think its to go see a movie lol

Anne’s last blog post..Aloha Friday

May 9, 2008
11:51 am

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said:

A few weeks ago I watched Juno with a friend after our kids were all in bed. We had brownie ice cream sundaes and had a great time. :)
Deb - Mom of 3 Girls’s last blog post..Aloha Friday #31

May 9, 2008
12:25 pm

Jen @ JenuineJen said:

My husband and I were given gift certificates to a local movie theater. Just this past Wednesday we used them on a date night to see Made of Honor. The movie was very enjoyable. Sappy, romantic, chick flick but still very enjoyable.

Jen @ JenuineJen’s last blog post..Friday Fill-In

May 9, 2008
12:30 pm

Amy @ The Q Family said:


In theatre, I think.. we saw Superman Return or Harry Porter whichever the latest one. But I’m going to go see SATC the Movie when it comes out.

At home, we just saw Alvin and the Chipmonk for the 25th times.. I guess that doesn’t count as an adult movie. Most of the time, I will get my movie and watch it late at night and Mr. Rojo will watch his movie on the iphone. The last movie we watched together at home is ‘I’m Legend’.

Amy @ The Q Family’s last blog post..13 Things I do to Save on Vacation

May 9, 2008
1:25 pm

Lissete said:

Actually, the last movie I saw was… Made of Honor! :)
Lissete’s last blog post..Movie Night

May 9, 2008
1:48 pm

TheAngelForever said:

We have not been to a movie in the theater in WAY too long. The sad part is I can not remember the last movie that I took out of the library or rented. Wow, I think we need to get out one of these day. Hoping to go and see the Sex in the City movie soon after it comes out.

TheAngelForever’s last blog post..Baby sleep eating 101

May 9, 2008
1:53 pm

Dee said:

Last grown up movie in a theatre was 27 dresses. At home I had the “There will be blood ” dvd but only watched the first 15 minutes and turned it off. It’s not my kind of movie.

Dee’s last blog post..Meme

May 9, 2008
1:59 pm

Spice said:

Ok, how sad is this that I can’t remember the last time I went to the movies or what movie it was??? LOL If I happen to remember I’ll come back. :)
Spice’s last blog post..Earth Hour 2008

May 9, 2008
2:05 pm

Spice said:

Ok, I remember the movie but not the name. It had Robin Williams in it and he played a minister or priest.
I’ve got my Aloha Friday up here:

Spice’s last blog post..Aloha Friday #2

May 9, 2008
2:47 pm

Jennifer said:

The last movie I saw for a girls night was Knocked Up. As a family we all saw National Treasure the second one.

I need to get out more!

Jennifer’s last blog post..I’m Back

May 9, 2008
3:00 pm

Crazy Daisy said:

Does it count if not in the theater? I can’t remember the last time we went OUT for a movie! The last grown up one would have to be, “Stargate SG-1″… Yeah, I like sci-fi

Crazy Daisy’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen #3

May 9, 2008
4:10 pm

diana/sunshine said:

i get to go see a grown-up movie just about every week. i get together with two friends of mine every friday and either hit a movie theater and lunch or just lunch. today’s just a lunch day since there’s no good movies out at the moment.

so, to answer your question… last week i saw made of honor. it’s a fun movie. i hope you enjoy it.

diana/sunshine’s last blog post..wonder-ful vases

May 9, 2008
4:12 pm

common mom said:

We rented Dan In Real Life on kid swap night when the kids were at a friend’s house for a sleepover :-) Definitely worth watching!

May 9, 2008
4:34 pm

Melissa said:

In the theater? National Treasure 2… but I’m hoping to see the new Indiana Jones movie and Prince Caspain and Batman this summer… we’ll see if it actually happens…

May 9, 2008
4:37 pm

Vader's Mom said:

We just caught Iron Man. It’s a fun super-hero movie!

Vader’s Mom’s last blog post..The Warriors

May 9, 2008
4:43 pm

Fresh Girl said:

“Ratatouille”! And yes, that IS an adult movie. ;)
Fresh Girl’s last blog post..Friday’s Feast #190

May 9, 2008
4:52 pm

Jenn said:

The last grown up movie I saw was The Nannie Diaries. It was pretty good!

Jenn’s last blog post..Aloha Friday

May 9, 2008
5:11 pm

Angie said:

I can’t remember the last movie I saw. I see bits and pieces of a variety of movies when hubby changes channels LOL

And I made an oops, my blog link in your linky is an old one, forgot to change it to Aloha Friday. Can I edit that? Thanks

Angie’s last blog post..Aloha Friday: May 9

May 9, 2008
5:20 pm

Elizabeth said:

We saw “Only the Lonely” the other night. 1980s with John Candy - it was funny.

Elizabeth’s last blog post..Seen it

May 9, 2008
5:39 pm

Jeannie said:

We just watched 27 Dresses and PS - I love you! They were both really cute!

I cried and cried and cried through PS - I love you!!!

Jeannie’s last blog post..Mother’s Day Weekend…

May 9, 2008
5:43 pm

Sher :) said:

I believe it was Bourne Ultimatum. Every once in a while I like a movie that makes me think. Not too often though. heehee

Sher :)’s last blog post..April Book Giveaway ~ You are My Wish Come True

May 9, 2008
6:36 pm

Summer said:

Iron Man, and I really enjoyed it!

Summer’s last blog post..Can your child swallow a quarter?

May 9, 2008
6:47 pm

donetta said:

Movie after movie after movie here. My kids are home sick…A grown up movie?…Tomb Raider yesterday.
We like homemade pop corn better and what we do is just buy the DVD of any movie we want to see. Unless it is one that we have been waiting for as a special event. We rarely get to go out on a date.
We find we can own it for less than the price of going to the theater. We love being able to pause it and answer the kids questions and go potty too :).
I hope you have fun!

donetta’s last blog post..Emily

May 9, 2008
10:25 pm

Tishia Lee said:

I can’t tell you the last adult movie I’ve seen. I honestly just can’t remember, it’s been so long! If I’m to take a stab at it, I’d have to stay probably I am Legend which I spent 90% of the time covering my eyes because it freaked me out. LOL

Tishia Lee’s last blog post..The Man has Answered the Question

May 9, 2008
10:29 pm

Mary @ Adventures in Mommyland said:

I honestly can’t remember the last time my hubby and I went to the movies together. Well, it was probably after my daughter was born but I can’t remember what we saw. Every time we plan to go to a movie, we end up doing something a bit more fun like go to dave and busters. At least you can talk, play games, have drinks. haha!

Mary @ Adventures in Mommyland’s last blog post..Huge Sample Giveaway!

May 9, 2008
10:41 pm

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May 9, 2008
11:15 pm

Anita said:

The last movie I saw in theatres was “National Treasure 2,” because I was jumping at the chance to see anything in theatres before the baby came.

Anita’s last blog post..Delightful Diapers

May 10, 2008
12:36 am

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May 10, 2008
12:40 am

Deborah said:

My husband and I are in the middle of watching Pride & Prejudice with Colin Firth. So great! We just finished Karate Kid 2, also. We rented all three Karate Kid movies…it had been at least ten years since we had seen them…such fun to relive the 80s via Karate Kid.

Deborah’s last blog post..Aloha Friday - Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?

May 10, 2008
12:48 am

kelley said:

hmmm….actually since I do some traveling, I get to see movies on the airplane that I would not otherwise get to see. I just saw I Legend with Will Smith in NYC last month…..before that ….starwars, I think. we rented it for the little jewel.

kelley’s last blog post..Aloha Friday

May 10, 2008
1:13 am

Richelle F said:

At the theater, I’m not sure. We rented August Rush last week though. I like that one.

Richelle F’s last blog post..Pay it Forward

May 10, 2008
2:02 am

Darci said:

I watched Iron Man… I kept dozing off. and I missed the ending..

Darci’s last blog post..Giveaways!

May 10, 2008
3:24 am

Pamela said:

The Bucket List

Pamela’s last blog post..CYBER SHOWER For My Daughter

May 10, 2008
4:55 pm

Michelle in Mx said:

I’m shocked, shocked! at how long it’s been since I’ve been able to stop by. On my blog lines I’ve enjoyed catching up . . .(sorry that your new hair cut didn’t get the awsome attention it deserved!, and loved the peek through picture!) so even though it’s Saturday, a bit late for the aloha friday I’m trying to think of the last grown up movie . . . not counting DVD’s? hmmm . . . . I think we saw “American Ganster”. I can’t even remember where the kids were! LOL

Michelle in Mx’s last blog post..It’s mother’s day in Mexico today!

May 11, 2008
5:49 pm

Bethany said:

I saw “Definitely, Maybe” on Friday evening– it was a pretty good movie, very cute!

Bethany’s last blog post..Sticky Post– Poll of the Week

May 12, 2008
6:15 pm

Rach (Heart of Rachel) said:

Hi Kailani. Belated Happy Mother’s Day! Sorry wasn’t able to participate. I’ve been very busy because my parents are here for a vacation. I’ll make it up to you soon.

Anyway, the last movie I watched with the family was Iron Man. Looking forward to watching Speed Racer this week.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)’s last blog post..Special Mother’s Day

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