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Photobucket A Frugal Friend Debra traded in high-powered suits and high-heeled shoes for a new role as mommy–crayon enthusiast, storyteller, and kisser of boo-boo’s. You’ll find her helping families at A Frugal Friend, where she teaches others how to reduce their expenses through coupons, rebates, freebies and deals.
Alas 3 Lads Alas 3 Lads 'm a stay-at-home mom to four children, ages 16, 13, 11, and 9. I'm a former registered nurse and have recently been considering returning to the work force. Topics I like to blog about include - parenting and family issues, especially those related to tweens and teens; movies; books; music; and product reviews.
Children Teaching Mama Roxanne is a SAHM of two rambunctious boys striving to live the "Green" life, reduce her carbon footprint, and teach others about how to do the same!
She writes reviews for organic products, about her own parenting experiences, and articles about how to make eco-conscious living fun, affordable, and worthwhile for the entire family on her Natural Parenting blog Children Teaching Mama.
Dad of Divas A father of two who works to balance working full time in college administration along with trying to regain his kingdom on a daily basis. Exploring the joys and challenges of being a father, parent and husband, you can explore the divadom with him daily at Dad of Divas.

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Did U See That? Because we all have an opinion. This blog is where you'll find reviews of books, movies, products, toys, websites and whatever else catches my eye. Where I'll discuss ideas sparked by current events. Come on in and join the party! Your opinion is welcome here.
Photobucket In Through The Out Door I don't have a big ego, I just love how awesome I am. Accordingly, I write a pretty awesome blog. In Through The Out Door is more than just a mommy blog, it is the go-to site for snark, humor writing, and general ridiculousness. Throw in two cute little girls, a rockstar hubby and product reviews/giveaways, and there is something for everyone at In Through The Out Door.
Moana Saves</> Anna lives and works on the North Shore of Oahu in Hawai'i. She teaches college-level English, has a hunter-gatherer husband, two daughters, ages 14 and 8, and a little white dog with a Napoleon complex. On her blog, she writes about her family's adventures, features book/product/website reviews, hosts a giveaway or two, and aspires to be a mommy blog ninja.

Rave and Review Rave and Review is a mother/father review team that is always on the go with children, whether that is around town, jet setting, or exploring the great outdoors. Equally at home in the big city or enjoying all that the Northwest has to offer, you will find them all around town and on daily.
sageandsavvybutton Sage and Savvy I’m a “light-green” mom of two boys trying to be greener. Sage and Savvy features reviews and giveaways of all kinds of products ranging from books and CDs to toys and baby clothing. However, my primary focus is on sage (smart/eco-friendly) and savvy (practical/innovative) products and services.

Simply Cathi I’m a happy wife, mother and grandmother. I write about motherhood, grandchildren and life from the perspective of The way I see it… Before I make purchases I rely on consumer opinions and reviews. I feel I have a responsibility to share my thoughts and experiences to help others make informed decisions.
Thanks, Mail Carrier I'm a SAHM of two beautiful little girls. Over at Thanks, Mail Carrier I write about the love that my daughters and I have for receiving mail and how happy the mail carrier makes us when he comes driving down our street. When I read reviews, I want to know if a product is worth my time and money and, therefore, when I write my own I write a thoughtful, honest review using some humor... and cute pictures of my girls. When I like a product, I definitely rave about it! I love knowing that the information I give to readers helps peak their interest and hopefully aids them in becoming a better consumer.
Photobucket Tethered Mommy Tethered Mommy is a blog about being tethered, or obsessed. I am constantly on my laptop and/or iPhone or reading. I enjoy possibly "tethering" my readers to the cool things I find.
Welcome to Married Life Welcome to Married Life Krista writes about her family and life adventures at Welcome to Married Life. Most days you can find stories of her daily life and funny things her son has done. She also reviews books and posts loads of photos since she is an aspiring photographer.

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