January 29, 2007

Carnival of Family Life #39

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Welcome to the 39th edition of the Carnival of Family Life.

It’s been posted a little early this week due to unforeseen circumstances (see above post). In any case, I hope you enjoy all the great stories we received this week. Don’t forget to check out the new comment contest at the end of this post.

Happy reading!

Family Stories

  • It’s the 15th anniversary of JHSiess’s father’s passing. Read his touching tribute at Colloquium in Thirteen Reasons Why I Wish You Could Have Known My Father.
  • To learn more about the Jewish celebration, Tu B’Shevat, stop by Lionden Landing and share in Fairon’s family’s preparations.
  • Poor Michelle of Scribbit has been having a rash of bad luck when it comes to her car. Find out what been causing her numerous flat tires in A Rolling Tire Gathers No Moss.
  • A dentist visit is usually something we all dread. Christine from Are We There Yet? chooses to look at the fun side of it in A Dentist Visit to Remember.
  • Tiggerprr’s Scratching Post is still a hot momma after all these years. Want proof? Just read Mom’s Got Game!
  • Supermom in NY from Getting Out of Debt entered a contest and won a great prize! Check it out in We WON the HP Digital Camera!
  • Mama Duck from Lil Duck Duck where Lil Duck has been Caught in the act. That expression is priceless!
  • Mert of Almost Somewhat Positive is doing a great job in teaching Anna the value of money. Read her touching story in My Anna and check out that great chore chart she made!
  • Here at An Island Life, check out How Quickly Time Passes. I’m sure all parents can relate.

Tips & Advice

  • Looking for some great baby products? Stop by LittleMummy and see what Erica recommends in LittleMummy Favourites 2007.
  • Almost every new Mommy goes through some degree of depression. Lily of MontrealMommy Blog shares some great information on this condition in Depression during and after pregnancy.
  • Lisa of Let’s Talk Babies gives some great advice in communicating with your child’s teacher. Read about it in Making Time for Your Child’s Teacher.
  • Looking for a great deal on clothes? Why not consider a consignment or resale store? Stephanie of Stop the Ride found some great bargains in Singing the praises of resale.
  • What does your child’s room look like? Kerri’s daughter at Play Library has the perfect girly room. Check it out in Pink Princess Room. She also needs some ideas for her sons’ room.
  • Visit Erica of LittleMummy is looking for child care. Read about her search for the perfect nursery in Searching For a Nice Nursery One Morning a Week.
  • Looking for some great stories to read to your family? Laurie of Trivium Pursuit has some wonderful suggestions in Our Favorite Short Stories.

Things to Think About

  • Miscellaneous Adventures of an Aussie Mum wants to know, “If you had a chance to write a letter to yourself in the past, what would you say? Think about it. It could be good or bad. What has shaped you into the person you are today?” Share your thoughts in The “Dear Me” Project.
  • Would you take your infant to a therapist for attachment disorders? Linda of Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist shares something she recently read in The Field of Infant Mental Health.
  • Do you use your time wisely? Stop by LiveThePower where Karen shares some interesting thoughts in Time Management by Crisis.
  • Do you worry about the movies your kids are watching at the theaters? Lori of Fun Play Dates shares an article addressing this concern in Whatever Happened to Family Films? Also, while you’re there, take part in their latest poll located in their sidebar.
  • Is your life on the right track? Patricia of A Better You Blog shares some insightful points in 7 Ways You May Unknowingly Mess Up Your Life.
  • Over at More4Kids, Kevin shares his views in Sibling Bullying Or Sibling Rivalry? Is this something that your family can relate to?
  • Dr. Hal of North Star Mental Fitness Blog suggests that you take a look at what your kids are learning incidentally as well as intentionally in Children Live Within the Environments Created by Their Parents.

Just For Laughs

  • Mad Kane is at it again. Read her hilarious poem in A Take-Charge Marriage.

Our Furry Friends

  • Feel you have too many dishes to wash? Why not enlist the help of your cats? That’s what Chris Dolley did in A Kitten’s Guide to Washing Up.

Announcing a New Carnival Contest ~ Starting this week, there will be a new monthly comment contest instead of a weekly one. Here’s how it goes:

  • For every post you submit, you get one point.
  • For every comment you make on a carnival entry, you get one point. You can leave a comment even if you didn’t submit a post for that week. However, you must be a CFL member. Don’t forget to put that you’re visiting from the Carnival of Family Life to help me keep track.
  • If you host the carnival at your site, you’ll get 5 points. You can host once a month. First come, first served.
  • The person with the most points at the end of the month (last carnival edition of the month) will be named “Outstanding Carnival Member” of the Month and will receive a $15 gift card to Amazon.com and a cool button to place in your sidebar (once I get one made).
  • Any questions? Please feel free to .

The winner of last week’s contest was Lisa of Let’s Talk Babies! Congratulations! Please your mailing address and which prize you’d prefer . . . a box of chocolate covered macadamia nut candy or a bag of Kona coffee.

Until next week, take care and be safe.

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    Comment by TherapyDoc — January 29, 2007 @ 2:54 am

    Looks like the best carnival yet. You’re amazing, Local Girl.

    *blushing* You’re too kind!

  • 3

    Comment by Michelle — January 29, 2007 @ 5:39 am

    Thanks, I’ll put an announcement in tomorrow’s post.

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    Comment by Erica — January 29, 2007 @ 8:51 am

    Excellent carnival!

    Sorry about my doube submission everyone, must have lost track…too keen you see.

    Monthly competition sounds like a lot of fun.

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    […] Carnivals , Weekend Wrap Up, and Announcements January 29, 2007 | Filed Under Uncategorized | The Carnival of Family Life #39 is up at Island Life.You will find some great family stories (including pet stories), and some great tips and advice. For this week, I submitted my post on A Dentist Visit to Remember. Hope you enjoy your reading. My Weekend Wrap UP: Some weekends I like to be really busy, and then there are some weekends where it’s nice to do absolutely nothing. Other than going to Sam’s Club with my Mom, going to a New WallMart that opened with my husband shopping for some new work boots, and visiting with my InLaws for a couple hours, that was my whole weekend. Just an ordinary weekend. I know the next couple weekends are going to be pretty busy, so I’ll take the nice quiet ones when I can. Announcements: Be sure and check back on Thursday, February 1st! I’ll be having my first Blog Exchange partner Karianna. It’s a real fun topic, and you’ll find me hanging out over at her place. It’s been a Manic Monday today! This morning I dropped the Coffee Can on my big toe. Instant purple bruise!! Can you say OWWW! It’s still throbbing. I don’t think I broke it, but it still really hurts. I couldn’t put a shoe on my foot, and I even tried to put a slipper. So I drove the kids to school with some pain, but made my rounds and now I’m going to go soak it in some nice warm water and see if that takes away some of the swelling. Hope your Monday is a good one!! […]

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    Comment by Lisa — January 30, 2007 @ 12:57 am

    Great job on the carnival this week. Thanks for including my article.

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